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Focus on my blog #blogging


The focus for my blog this week was a night out at the town hall  where I took  pictures again. It was the mayor’s big charity night and raised money for the Acorn’s children’s hospice. I hope my efforts writing about events and taking photos will make them more popular.


I have more  focus now on the community I live in, rather than just writing about things I know about.  I think the local press photographer is starting to see me as a serious threat! He did, at least, speak to me, other photographers can be downright rude. I like to get the shot, but I never walk in front of someone else when they are trying to get their shot. We need to have professional standards.

Multi skilled

You need to be multi-skilled when you’re trying to establish yourself as a photo-blogger. There are the technicalities of running a website to understand as well as understanding how the process of editing eliminates mistakes from your writing. The photography is technical and you need to learn a little etiquette too. I did  get a photo of the mayor the other night but missed the shot of them arriving in the limousine. I did, however, recognise her and say hello.


This is my big problem. I’m not very good with people. I can’t order them around to get posed shots and I want the natural shots anyway. I need to focus more on relating better to the people that I photograph.  Photographing the performers is great because you get quite natural poses anyway. I have been asked to take family photos, but that isn’t easy. I am getting used to photographing people more and compensating for poor light and the changing light.


I am getting better at catching the right moment too. I still enjoy my peaceful strolls around taking landscape shots but now I have more focus, my blog has more of a purpose.

My advice?

My advice to anyone wanting to do the same as me is to think of a good name for your blog and then get started on WordPress and learn as you go along. For the photography, get a camera with a viewfinder, preferably a DSLR and learn to use it. If you want to get a message out with a business blog, then you need professionalism from the outset, get an established blogger like me to help you and do the editing. It might cost money but it will be worth every penny. Make sure your blog has a purpose and a goal to give it focus too.

That’s it for today. If you have a message to get out maybe a blog is for you too. You can follow this one just by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find more ideas and all my photos from the other night on my Facebook page.

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