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Focus points #photography

All digital cameras have focus points, some cameras like my Fujifilm, just have one. My Nikon D3200 has 11 focus points that come up as red dots. It is important to get those focus points on your subject. I like to use one focus point for a single subject such as photographing one person and all 11 focus points for a group or a landscape.

focus points

I took this picture of plants and flowers at the carnival with a wide aperture. Most of the pictures would be of people and again I used a wide aperture with a narrower aperture for shots of the crowds.

CARNIVAL 2016 (58)

This shot of the ladies from the rugby club was with a wide aperture and despite the grey sky, it is a reasonable shot. Notice the green gazebo in the background. I avoid photographing people when they are stood under those, the light shining through the gazebo turns their faces green. This photo made the front page of a local newspaper.

CARNIVAL 2016 (71)

With a larger group of people if is harder to get all your focus points on your subject. Small movements of the camera can change the focus of part of the image.

CARNIVAL 2016 (119)

This is another picture that was used by the newspaper. I wanted pictures of the crowds and this shows the crowds in the background. I think arranging the shot like this makes it more interesting.

Try to clearly identify your subject and use your focus points to get your subject in focus and use a narrow aperture if you want the background in focus too. I used F8 for this shot because the light was poor and it didn’t matter if the background was in focus or not.

Next weekend, the summer events continue with a fête at Wednesbury town hall on Saturday and a jazz band in Brunswick Park on Sunday. I’ll be there with my camera.

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