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Focusing on depth #photography

Through the winter it has been difficult to get out and take photos but there have been some opportunities. The snow, while creating difficulties reflected lots of light and provided some picturesque scenes. The rain is more difficult to cope with. When I came out of my writers’ group meeting on Saturday it was bright sunlight but that too can present problems with overexposed shots and dark shadows. For the street shots, I decided on narrow apertures and shot at around f/8. I would have gone much wider if I had been zooming in on the people. I was focusing on subjects fairly close by and so a relatively shallow depth of field seemed appropriate. I was also focusing on depth as I composed the shots.

DARLASTON - focusing on depth


This shot is a bit over-exposed on the right side and we have a dark shadow on the left. You can see how bright the sunlight was. It is a simple shot of the street and there isn’t much to say other than that.


Focusing on depth

I was consciously aware of those railing in the foreground of this shot but I was focusing on the shops about 25 yards away. I think the railings give the shot depth and it is also a very busy shot with lots of detail. In both of these shots, I was focusing on depth by trying to get something in the foreground that the eye would compare with the background.



The composition of this shot includes that bit of railing right in the foreground; I often use a branch of a tree. We have objects on the edge of the pavement and then the buildings on the opposite side that I was focusing on. Focusing on depth gives a feeling of the three-dimensional nature of the shot.  If you’re shooting down a street the diagonal lines give a sense of depth but you need objects to define the depth when you’re shooting across the street, as in this shot.

This week’s pictures of Darlaston aren’t the most picturesque I’ve taken but at least the sun came out! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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