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Follow the leader #ramble

It’s Sunday and so once again I let you into my inner most sanctum and share my thoughts with you. I went into a crowded room yesterday and it made me slightly nervous. Eventually, I found my way through the crowd to the front near the stage to take photos. I remember an experiment in a similar environment where a fire alarm went off and 95% of the people simply followed other people out of the room. Of course, someone had to go first; someone had to lead. Then it was simply, follow the leader. Once I was at the front of that crowd yesterday, I became aware of the fire exit about four yards from me. I wasn’t about to be a follower if there was any sign of a problem.

Follow the leader?

Miss Fortunes and The Banned

This is Miss Fortunes on stage. It is not a great picture but low light presents a few problems. The camera adjusts its sensitivity and if I use the flash, the light from the flash, depending on reflected light from the subject. When all the camera sees is black it tends to give a brighter flash or raise the ISO. I think Miss Fortunes are great and it was a shame their set was so short and the venue so small. I would like to see them performing at the town hall.

JAZZ (7)

Chickenbone John

I enjoyed Chickenbone John’s performance in the library, Friday evening, too. That was less crowded and so we were less likely to have to play follow the leader in the event of smoke coming out of one of those cigar box guitars. One did have a bit of a problem but John had plenty more. That was part of the Birmingham and Sandwell Jazz Festival.


The Scarbelly Blues Band

The Scarbelly Blues Band played as part of the The Black Country Festival in Wednesbury library on Saturday afternoon and I photographed them and even shot some video.  The day of spoken word and music was organised by Wednesbury’s poet laureate Brendan Hawthorne.

Follow the leader

Anyway, the audience didn’t play follow the leader at any of these events but it did take leadership to organise them. There also needs to be leadership that ensures the events are safe and that requires a risk assessment to be done at an early stage of event planning by a responsible person. People don’t always think things through when it comes to assessing risk. There is always risk. There is a risk to people’s lives and there are risks that can cost us money. I look at parents parking all over the place outside schools and wonder if anyone has done a risk assessment and written a report and also if the local authority has looked at the report and thought it through. Putting speed humps near schools will slow down traffic but a child running between parked cars will still suffer life threatening injuries if hit by a vehicle doing just 15 MPH. A driver doing 30 MPH who can see a child on the pavement about to run into the road is more likely to stop than a driver doing 15 MPH who can’t see the child because of parked cars. Why is there a risk? Maybe on the council they can’t follow the leader because there is no leadership. There are just bureaucrats loosely controlled by committees. I partly blame the media who should hold the council leader to account for poor leadership. They should put the spotlight on council leaders in the same way as they do with national leaders.

So there you go, I had even more on my mind than usual this week. I can have lunch soon and then think about a bit of landscape photography if the sun comes out. If you would like to follow my blog and read about more ideas and moans just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links, pictures and videos on my Facebook page.

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