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Following the tribe #culture

Tribal behaviour was evident right up until medieval times and if we look closely people are still instinctively following the tribe. A tribe is a group of people dependant on each other for survival so what if someone steps out of line? The tribe punishes them, perhaps by marginalizing them, castigating them or simply disapproving of them.

following the tribe

Following the tribe

There appears to be a natural tendency to disapprove of anyone who is different and doesn’t follow the code of the tribe. However, the tribe does need leaders and so those who stand out can be celebrated as leaders or as being beneficial to the tribe. These days, we are members of many tribes. Religions form tribes, politics forms tribes and as a nation, we are a tribe. There are the zealots in every tribe who will castigate people for being the wrong colour, having the wrong sexuality or even wearing the wrong socks.


If you’re good at something and stand up in front of the tribe and display your talents they might accept you as a leader and celebrate the differences but beware if you are no longer useful they might turn on you suddenly and notice the little differences. Don’t wear the wrong socks if you’re in full view of the tribe!

Be noticed

People try to be noticed in politics and entertainment. They acquire fans who support them but some become really fanatical. They attract fanatics. The odd ones out in the tribes perhaps because of mental problems will be attracted to the more fanatical causes and the more fanatical leaders. We see that more and more in the 21st century with the more fanatical and racist tribe members supporting the likes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. There has been a cultural shift with the advent of social media and new forms of communication within the tribes. This is giving the less popular tribal members a voice and assisting the rise of those with extreme tribal views. Following the tribe is becoming extremist. It can also become dangerous as the lesser known tribes arm and become dangerous. The prevalence of gun and knife crime in developed countries is rising as a result. Whether it is the government at war with the opposition and tribes within its own ranks or gangs of white kids forming gangs to take on Asian kids on the council estates; we see the tribal conflict.

Following the tribe is a primitive instinct but is still as prevalent in the 21st century as it was the 1st century.

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