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Food and entertainment #thrifty

Eating out and buying takeaways can work out expensive with 20% VAT on top of the bill and the same applies to entertainment. I follow a gluten-free diet and so rarely eat anything out and even buying chips is complicated because they have to be cooked separately. When I do spend money, I always look for value. I went to a community night this week and had an evening of entertainment for the price of a 50p cup of tea! Look for value when you want food and entertainment.

food and entertainment?


I cook nearly all of my own food and yesterday I cooked chicken stew. It was delicious and made better because I added a Knorr chicken stock pot to my chicken stock. It is easy to make, just cook 4 chicken drumsticks in enough water to half fill your largest pan. When the are cooked remove them from the pan, remove the meat and return the meat to the pan. Then add your stock pot and seasoning. I simply add salt and a little pepper. Then add your chopped vegetables and simmer until everything is cooked. I used celery, swede, parsnip, onion and some frozen mixed vegetables. The cost worked out to an amazing 60p a portion.

Food and entertainment

It seems more exotic foods like curries are popular but do you get value for money? They are relatively easy to cook, so why not cook your own and with the money saved have a night out? I see little point in buying takeaways but see the point in eating out because it is a part of the way people socialise. My approach to food and entertainment has to be different because of the need to stay gluten-free but I do have some nights out planned. I’m arranging some nights out with family members at the town hall in April and I consider that value for money. I’ll take some photos while I’m there! I have a night out this week too and again I’ll be the photographer but this time it’s a birthday celebration. I can capture a few memories and again it will be an evening out that will be good value. Local clubs and pubs offer good value with tribute acts that are often as good as the original. I’m fortunate, because here in the Black Country we have a wealth of local talent.


I recently bought a new phone and saved money on that by buying it from GiffGaff. Now I can save money using apps on the phone to check out bargains at retailers I use regularly. The Matalan app sometimes offers me discount codes. As we go into spring they are offering previews of the spring/summer lines. The Aldi app is useful too. They have their super-six on the meat and on the fruit and vegetables. They have the veggies to make soups and stews for 45p each this week. Watch out for a stew pack, though. Buying them separately might work out more expensive. The special buys for today are varied, check out the umbrellas for 2.99. There are lots of garden tools too. They have tee shirts for 3.99 but I have just bought some ‘stay like new’ ones from Tesco that were 2 for £8. They were worth the extra 2p!

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