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Food Bank

This week I visited a food bank and chatted to the volunteer running it. They can only open a couple of times a week to help the most needy in the community.  Referrals to the food bank are mostly made by the local authority. They try to help with other things like clothes too. I donated much needed cash.

The essentials like babies nappies and toilet rolls were needed as well as food. People fall on hard times and can’t always afford food as well as paying off debt. They are often in bad housing that’s hard to keep warm in winter and so fall into debt easily.

I would encourage anyone who can afford it, to visit their local food bank and see if they can help. Every little helps as Tesco used to remind us…


Tesco is taking steps to sort out it’s problems and change it’s image. They have cancelled the multimillion pound  store in Wolverhampton. It seems the days of showing off with iconic new stores is over. Morrison’s is closing unprofitable stores too. I think they could do more and donate some food to the food banks. If it’s reached it’s sell by date rather than bin it, they could donate it. Warburton’s donate bread to the food bank here and I was impressed. They have a bakery here, you can smell the bread cooking in Moorcroft Wood if the winds in the right direction! Anyway, my shares in Tesco are doing quite well.

Premier Foods

It seems that both Tesco and Premier foods are going to behave a lot nicer to suppliers and build a few bridges. Premier Foods share price has been edging up all week, so investors obviously approve. It’s simply good business to appear to have sustainable corporate responsibility as well as actually having good policies. Image is important.

Pensioner Bonds

NS & I launched some pensioner bond with an interest rate of around 4% over 3 years. Will interest rates stay low for the next 3 years? I’m already getting 4% with Zopa and if interest rates go up so will my Zopa rate. The bond issue does suggest that the ‘independent’ Bank of England intends to increase interest rates in 2016. Now that is forward guidance…

Upper and Lower

The upper middle classes, those well to do baby boomers will be grateful that low cost mortgages on their million pound mansions will continue for a while longer. The buy to let crowd will be shopping around for more Victorian terraces to add to their slum portfolios. The lower middle classes are struggling a bit though. How will they vote in the General Election? This section of society might just side with the working class. The lower middle classes are educated and see what’s happening. No pay rise for years, cuts in their pensions and a lower standard of living that is forcing them to  shop at Aldi rather than Tesco; Poundland rather than M&S.

Food Bank

We have to wonder how long it is before the government austerity affects pensioners more and they face the indignity of the food bank. The so called Granny Tax, the cut in saving credit will hit the poorest again this year, with a real terms cut in incomes. What will be next if the Tories win the General Election. Who will Iain Duncan Smith consign to the food bank queue next?

What do you think? Are you well off enough to donate to the food bank or are you looking to stand in the queue for the food bank. Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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