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Food ideas to save money #thrifty

People want more than just food to satisfy hunger these days. they want an experience and that is one of the reasons that eating out has grown massively over the years. Barbecues have become popular for entertaining at home and turning it into an event. You can do other events at home that are cheaper than eating out, all you need to do is think laterally for interesting food ideas.

Thrifty food ideas


It is still a little chilly in spring but we might be lucky enough to have a weekend mild enough to have a barbecue. You are safer with an indoor event and all you need is an excuse such as inviting friends to check out your new decor then you need the food. That can be anything from a dinner party to a buffet. You could take an existing event and have a St George’s Day party or an Easter party and then you have a theme for your decorations and you can create an ‘experience’ to impress your family and friends. Aldi not only has cheaper food and drinks for your party, they have recipes and ideas for an Easter event.


If you plan ahead, you can save money. I’m already planning what I’ll be doing through summer and I’m involved with planning community events in the park but you can organise your own little event and take a picnic. There are usually lots of free events through summer and to make it special you can learn how to make different foods for different events. Try the BBC website for lots of picnic food ideas. I’m a coeliac so I can’t have bread so one of my favourites is chicken wings but for people on a normal diet, there are lots of variety of sandwich that you can make. Try to make them interesting and look good.  The club sandwich always looks good and is great at little events.

Food ideas and art

I’m very interested in art and you can organise a little art exhibition in your own home with a buffet or nibbles like canapés. Try to make the food artistic too. All it takes is a little imagination to come up with lots of food ideas. Make a list of basic ingredients like the salad ingredients then add protein ingredients like meat and cheese and keep adding to your list, then see what you can do with them. Take a look on Pinterest for lots of party food ideas an inspiration.

There are food photos on my Facebook page too, to inspire even more food ideas. I hope today’s ideas will save you money, they are cheaper than eating out which is made quite expensive by the addition of 20% VAT.

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