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Fortunes from alternative investments #FinanceFriday

I was reminded of John Maynard Keynes this week and his trip to Paris. John Maynard Keynes was a famous economist who laid the foundation for modern macroeconomics. His ideas still find favour today. His trip to Paris was a business trip but while he was there he bought several artworks by artists of that time such as Picasso. He went on to build an art collection of over 135 works at a cost of around £13,000. In 2013, his collection was valued at over £70 million. He was also a member of the famous Bloomsbury Group of artists, writers and radical thinkers that included Virginia Woolf and Kathleen Garman, daughter of Walter Garman of Oakeswell Hall.

alternative investments

Art or Bitcoin?

This week I saw square prints advertised by the famous Magnum photograph agency for the bargain price of £100 each. Are those prints a good investment in art? People have also bought Bitcoin and found them to be a good investment with Bitcoin reaching $60,000 this week. So which is best Art or Bitcoin? I did have $30 in my eToro account doing nothing and so I bought Ripple (XRP) and they have gone up in value since last year and are now worth nearly $54. So not a bad return! I think it is a good idea to diversify your investments and buy art that you really like including photographic prints. I’ve been creating a few prints this week and I hope they can be sold for charity. If you get an opportunity to buy art at a charity event, that can be a good opportunity to acquire genuine art to hang on your living room wall to enjoy and if you are lucky make a few quid out of it too. Art can be a great investment for your children or grandchildren too.


Shares in new companies can make investors fortunes too. When the company does its IPO and joins the stock exchange the initial investors usually become very rich overnight. Investing in an IPO can be a good investment too but retail investors are usually excluded from investing. I think that might change soon as more investment platforms open up investing to ordinary people. I’m always hopeful that my investments in AIM companies will come good and Scirroco did make a little progress this week. Progress in Tanzania and the Helium One IPO boosted Scirroco’s share price a little.

This week

Overall this week the stock market wasn’t too kind to me. The pandemic still weighs on most companies but Barclay’s became what is known as a multi-bagger for me doubling its share price from 90.65 when I bought it to 184.1 today. Premier foods have given me a similar return and BP and RDSB are giving me good returns and will pay dividends today and Monday. So things are going in the right direction. I also bought a few shares in Rolls Royce this week and expect them to start to recover soon.

Alternative investments

Alternative investments are often the things that interest you. It could be art, coin collections, antiques, photographs, or even vintage cars. Wealth is rarely money. At one time people invested in tulip bulbs! I’m sure the economy will be in for another shock at some time in the future and people will panic and buy gold so maybe a few gold coins and a few quality photographic prints might be worth buying now?

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