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Free day out #thrifty

Free day out

Free day out

I went to two local nature reserves on Sunday and apart from the cost of getting there, it was a free day out. I sometimes take a drink and you can take food and have a picnic. Now the weather is improving I will go out more.

Open spaces

I live in the Black Country and so I started my day out in Walsall. There are some scenic open space and the canals with lock keepers cottages. I started taking photographs near the Rushall canal and then went on to Merrions Wood local nature reserve. It was early in the afternoon and so the nature reserve was a little disappointing, the light was harsh for photography and so I will start going out more in the evening when the light is warmer.

WS1 (47)

My day out continued as I drove to the other side of the woodland to photograph some historic buildings and St Margaret’s church with its churchyard resplendent with spring flowers. Then I crossed over the motorway to take more pictures in Sandwell Valley. My day out cost a few pounds in petrol and I got a little exercise, beautiful pictures and a break from my usual surroundings.


After my day out on Sunday, it was back to the mundane business of shopping. I went to Tesco, I’d seen some shoes I liked. I should have tried them on in store. Shoes are often too small because they are made overseas and the style is for narrower shoes too. I have been looking for suitable shoes for some time and many leather shoes are cheap thick leather. I think it is wise to buy in a store and try them on. These were canvas, so I didn’t expect a problem.  I found that Tesco prices seem more reasonable than when I went last year. At least half my shopping was things that I can’t buy in Aldi because the selection is much better. I forgot to buy fruit and veg and so went to Aldi anyway and saved quite a lot. I saved 51p on my grapes alone and four baking potatoes were just 39p. The frozen French fries I like are just 75p a kilo and I had three bags. You can still save at Aldi, but it can be a good idea to top up at Tesco or Asda. Tesco was a disappointment on gluten-free food after their daft advertising campaign on the subject. The only processed food I saw marked gluten-free was Nestle cornflakes.


I am trying to organise a picnic in June at the local park. It will have a nostalgic theme and so I wanted Dandelion and Burdock pop. Aldi do have it occasionally, but not recently so I bought it from Tesco. I hope to stock up and get Tizer and Vimto too. Crisps are 89p for a 6 pack at Aldi and I’ll stock up on those as well. Everyone will bring their own picnic, but I hope to have a few guests so I plan to do individual seafood salads in plastic chip baskets and then seal them with cling film. That will be a cheap day out for my family members!

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