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Free summer events

free summer events

Here in the Black Country there are lots of free summer events, because it’s the Black Country Festival for the whole month. It was Wednesbury Carnival last weekend and I took lots of photos, capturing the memories.

Free summer events

Check out your local newspaper and the website of your local council for free summer events. Charities and local organisations will also have free summer events or maybe events with a nominal charge. West Bromwich Manor House has craft fayres on Saturday and Sunday and entrance is just 50p. Walsall starts its town festival too this week. Check what you have on locally in your area.

The super-six at Aldi this week are nectarines, courgettes, cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), sugar snaps (160g), salad potatoes (1kg) and cauliflower. Those offers last until 29th of July.

I had tomatoes and lettuce this week, so I can do some salads. A salad is OK to take on those summer picnics. I had some peas in their pods too, they were nice even though its fiddly shelling peas. The seedless grapes were delicious, a new supply is in from Egypt. I had peaches too. Only one was ripe and if they ripen one by one that will suit me!

The special buys today include lots of drinks like beer and cider. I had a few bottles of Banks’s mild, good British beer!  There are also odd things for the garden.

The Sunday special buys include summer clothing for men and women. Those are just right for those free summer events! I might look at the linen trousers!

If you can’t find any free summer events in your area, why not just pack a picnic and have your own in the local park of LNR (local nature reserve).

I’m going to look at a recording studio that is open to the public on Saturday. Open days are great free summer events. I hope the local university has one too. I might go to the Craft Fayre at West Bromwich Manor House too and in the evening as part of the Black Country Festival, the Scar Belly Blues band and others are on at a local pub. I might go take a look. On Sunday, it’s a classic car show at Walsall arboretum extension. That isn’t on my list of free summer events, it’s £4.50, but I can afford that after saving on everything else! In Walsall on Saturday there will be classic vehicles in Digbeth square, I think that is the market square and on Sunday I think there is something on in the gallery square.

That’s it for this week, enjoy the free summer events; it’ll soon be Christmas!

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