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Community photography

Freedom to create #photography

Wandering around the park gives us freedom to create.

Freedom to create

Freedom to create is restricted for a  lot of artists and photographers. We can be restricted by family life or work. I’m lucky that I can grasp a lot of opportunities. On Sunday, I went to the park because I wanted to photograph this area despite the poor light. I have a plan! 

I am admin of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook and happen to know that on the 12th of June a brass band is coming to play in our bandstand. Not a great event, yet. It could be though and so I’m involving the history group and I’m hoping to turn it into a popular event and also a photo opportunity. We are hoping everyone will come in period costume. I’ve made it quite flexible so it can be any period of the last 100 years. We might see trilbies and straw boaters as well as paisley shirts and flared jeans.


Create using Rembrandt lighting

Ted does get excited when he knows we’re going to the park! Rembrandt sat his models close to a window so one side was illuminated more than the other. Rembrandt lighting is well known to photographers. With a wide aperture, you can get a really interesting and detailed picture. The wide aperture also puts the background out of focus. This was with a 35mm prime lens.

Garry Pease

I took photos at the Mayor’s big night at Wednesbury town hall last week too. That offered lots of opportunities for colourful shots and gave me the freedom to create pictures with a rock star feel to them. Garry Pease doing his tribute to Rod Stewart was an ideal subject. He looked every inch the star and sounded great too.

Garry Pease as Rod Stewart

These action shots aren’t easy and the light changes constantly. There are lots of different types of lighting and so I just give up on setting the white balance and used auto for this. Wide aperture close ups on aperture priority are the best for a fast shutter speed. I was a bit too far from the stage and so I joined the local press photographer for some close ups for a while. I also snapped a photo of the lady mayor. I did miss her arrival, I didn’t have my camera ready or the arrival of the mayoral limousine would have given me some good shots.

The mayor's big night at Wednesbury town hall

A shot like this can give a view of the town hall and a feel for the atmosphere of the event. The freedom to create images gives us an opportunity to create images that not only show people what the event was all about but helps to publicise Wednesbury Celebrates and future events.

If you missed yesterday’s post it’s worth taking a look at. I often watch photography videos and used one by a photographer from Hong Kong yesterday who is not only a good photographer but a no-nonsense funny guy too. He values his freedom to create and wanders around doing street photography enjoying himself. Freedom to create really is about enjoying yourself.

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