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Freezing and sneezing #Wednesbury

Yes, it is freezing in Wednesbury today. I missed my evening of spoken word and music in Wednesbury library last night. I spent 30 minutes de-icing my car and it was still iced up and misted up then. I gave up, I was freezing. I might clear the ice later and warm it up. My computer says it’s 36F now but it has been wrong before. It was wrong last night, it was way below freezing.

Wednesbury on parade - it was freezing

Wednesbury Banner

I like this banner but the bit of poetry on the bottom has confused me.

Black Country

Sorry, I lapsed into dialect then, day I? I try to write in standard English despite speaking in a Black Country dialect and with a Black Country accent. This personal characteristic has been a handicap in life, but at least I can write in English.




relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect.

That’s me then, isn’t it? I have the executive power over this website. I have the bloody password to log in. That makes me the Executive Editor despite my heritage and Black Country accent. So I gave my card to someone with my phone number on and shock/horror they ask “Is this you? An executive editor?” Perhaps I need a Saville Row suit, an iPhone and a gold medallion? Talent is not enough. To be fair, I’m not always treated with such derision. I get a bit of respect if I have my Nikon hanging around my neck.


Our local laureate, Brendan Hawthorne organises a poetry and music evening in the library on the last Tuesday of each month. I didn’t manage to get there last night, because of the weather. I doubt if I’ll get out tonight either to another group. The weather is set to improve tomorrow when I hope to go shopping and stock up on food again. Brendan didn’t manage to get to that evening either but it still went ahead.

Freezing and sneezing

This freezing and sneezing are putting me off my writing. I keep forgetting what the subject is about. My keyboard is getting slippery as well. I thought that parade on Friday night was a good idea with the Wednesbury Banner with that obscure bit of poetry on it. We should have more parades and events to attract people to the town and support local traders. An Easter parade with Easter bonnets and maybe one of those things where children hunt for eggs? We could have a May queen contest and the chosen May queen could lead a parade on May Day? We have Bank Holidays so why not use them for events? We also have a town square with a large car park adjacent to it. The roads are a bit quieter on Bank Holidays too, except near Ikea. We do have to think about traffic management, but Wednesbury does have more roads in and out than the Gallagher Retail Park.

I just looked out of the window, my car is thawing nicely in the sun. I’ll drive it later with the heater on full to dry the inside out and dry the windows to stop them freezing so hard tonight. I’ll clean the windows too with window washer, that has a little anti-freeze in it.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget the book launch in the library on Saturday morning. I think it’s 10 – 12. You can check out Jan Hurp’s art exhibition while you’re there. I wish we could have a summer exhibition in the art gallery for local artists. I know a few now and I’d put a few pictures in as well.

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