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Finance Friday: Bank holiday plans

The weather forecast for this bank holiday weekend isn’t very good where I am. It seems the whole of the UK will have some rain. The weather on Monday and the rest of the week seems better for most of England, but there will be rain in the south and Scotland. So it could be a struggle to enjoy a day out.

I usually try to go out on Sunday, but might venture out on Monday this week. Traffic can be a problem on Bank Holiday Monday, especially near retail parks if there’s a sale on. If you take your camera, there are lots of places to take photos. Think about nature reserves and parks. Some museums and art galleries will be open too. Check your local council website for details of Bank Holiday events.


Making up a picnic to take to a local nature reserve isn’t difficult. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Sandwiches in a plastic box and a bottle of orange squash will do. I like to take prawns, chicken drumsticks and crisps. I bought all those in Aldi yesterday and I have a couple of bottles of Dandelion and Burdock too (49p). Multipacks of crisps are 79p at Aldi so not too expensive for a Bank Holiday picnic. My pack of drumsticks was better value though at 1.99. If your picnic replaces a meal, it doesn’t work out much more expensive and you can make it special. Photographs will help all the family remember it as a special day out too. Temperatures on Monday will be on the low side, so maybe not the weather for tee shirts and shorts. It will be about 13C where I am so I’ll wear a light sweater and have my coat with me too. You might be able to dodge the showers on Sunday, but take a brolly!


Many people do DIY on Bank Holiday weekends and so there is a rise in attendance at Accident and Emergency departments. If you’re planning DIY, don’t take chances and if you have children, keep them well out of the way of anything that might be dangerous. Bank Holiday DIY is always dodgy, because if it becomes a disaster many shops are closed and so you can’t find what you need to rectify your mistakes. It might be best just to mow the lawn again and even that can be dangerous if your equipment if faulty or you’re tired and cut through the cable!


Watch out for charity events this weekend. There are lots that aren’t publicised very well, such as table top sales and fun runs. Check your local paper for events and local car boot sales. You never know you might pick up a bargain to take on the Antique Road Show next year!

Pick you own

Those farms where you pick your own are popular in summer. It might be too early for many of those to be open, but the garden centres will be open. Just walking around a garden centre will give you a few ideas for making your garden into a beautiful oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Stay at Home

You can just stay at home and have a barbecue in the afternoon or evening. Again you should be careful. A&E departments deal with lots of barbecue accidents on Bank Holidays too. A barbecue doesn’t need to be expensive, value beef burgers and sausages combined with baked potatoes or oven chips will fill everyone up. It could even work out cheaper than cooking a meal.

Do you have any Bank Holiday plans or ideas? Please use the comments box to share them. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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