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Friday rally? #investments

The stock market has been dropping since June and dropped from a  high of over 7,000 in May to a low of under 6,000 this week. It dropped below 6,000 last month too and then recovered, will it stay over 6,000 now?

I was getting resigned to watching it drop even farther and then waiting patiently for the upturn. Many of the AIM shares have been very promising, but the companies need investment and that can be hard to get when the market is nervous. There appears to be a general lack of confidence around the world with Shanghai and New York still dropping yesterday. I was quite surprised today to see the FTSE 100 recover a little. Perhaps it’s the sunshine today that has put traders in an optimistic mood? It seems that retailers are leading the recovery today and so maybe the Santa rally has come early? This Friday rally could be just the beginning, let’s hope it continues next week.

Verona Pharma on the AIM is one share price that jumps around a lot. It is at 4p now and I bought in at 3p so a decent profit so far on paper, but it has been as high as 6p recently. I think when some more results come in that are positive pertaining to their research and testing, that price will soar.


Solo Oil is another one due to give us some good news from Tanzania. We are expecting the gas to flow into that pipeline at any time. I think Solo Oil could soar too when they start pumping oil if the oil price improves for them. I’m watching Premier Oil too, that price could go up too if the price of oil starts to climb.


Debenhams is up over 4% today and I expect that share price to climb rapidly. I’ve thought it under-priced for a while. I think that could climb to 100p before the end of the year.  Tesco were at 250p a few months ago and that was a realistic price, today they are down to 169p. I think both these companies could have plans to push sales over Christmas.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods has new lines out that could benefit from Christmas trade if they boost their marketing. At 32p, they seem really cheap at the moment. The directors paid an average of 81p and they aim to make a profit.


The rest of my holdings are the same waiting for a rally. Monitise is out on it’s own, but even they could stage a surprise recovery. They need to develop a cross-border app for transferring money. It is far too expensive to send money overseas.

RSA Insurance

RSA Insurance was the big disappointment of the week when Zurich pulled out of the takeover bid. I think it’s a company getting out of trouble and so will come back and there could be other offers too.

That’s it for this week, we have to be diverse to weather downturns like this and investments like Zopa look more attractive at the moment. I’m still getting my 4% there! You can follow this blog by entering your email address in the space provided in the sidebar ( my link to Zopa is there too!). You can also follow me on Twitter.

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