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From arthralgia to nostalgia #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and the rain has stopped and once again I will allow you into the deepest recesses of my mind and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Nostalgia and arthralgia seem to be the topics that spring to mind this morning. The latter is perhaps because of all the damp weather. I just managed to avoid getting soaked in a sudden downpour yesterday.

Congleton Park

This is the Pavilion in Congleton Park, it was designed and built in 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria and acted as a social focus within the park. The Pavilion offers a light refreshment and informal dining service whilst providing some of the best views over the Jubilee Gardens.

Brunswick Park

By an amazing coincidence, In 1887, Brunswick Park in Wednesbury was opened to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee and we had a pavilion as well. That is long gone, but walking past a couple of portaloos yesterday in the park I thought it might be time for a new pavilion, complete with toilets. We might get a few million in lottery money, just like Dartmouth Park in West Bromwich. We would need a pavilion that was vandal-proof, of course, but it could be run through the summer by Friends of Brunswick Park. I have even considered where it could go and the location of the children play area would be ideal. It wouldn’t be too far from the newly extended car park then, would it? It could incorporate disabled toilets and a Victorian tea room and perhaps facilities for those sporting types that play tennis in the park.

Dartmouth Park

No, it isn’t a matchstick model. This is the £900,000 pavilion in Dartmouth Park in Wonderful West Bromwich. I suppose it’s alright for the Avant Garde West Brommers but we’re more traditional in Wednesbury. We would like a pavilion with a few windows, preferably in toughened glass. We would also like one on firm foundations because the last one was a victim of subsidence. We would also like one that is fireproof. They have been known to burn down…

Brunswick in the Blitz

It is the second day of our 40s weekend event in the park and I worry. I worry about the portaloos getting smelly. I worry about the parking and kids running between parked cars. We need the car park extended. I worry about people finding shelter when there is a rain shower. I worry about infectious diseases. It would be so much better with an extended and adequate car park and a new pavilion complete with proper hygienic toilets where users can wash their donnies after they’ve been.


I did go to the Oak House in West Bromwich a couple of weeks ago. They have restored the barns nice there and the volunteers were serving tea and cakes. I like to see tasteful restoration. I can be quite nostalgic and remember when life was slower and the old pavilion served tea and ice cream from a big chest freezer. Perhaps, I just miss my childhood? Nostalgia, who needs it?

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