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Frugal and Thrifty Christmas


It’s a bit early for planning for Christmas, but you have to plan unless you want it to cost you a fortune. Austerity rules this Christmas, we can all be Scrooge-like! You can improvise and cut the cost of decorations and presents. Food and drinks can be done cheaper too!


You can do good decorations with a string of LED Christmas lights and then put some home made decorations in between. Gold paint is good for making decorations, you just spray paint some pine cones and other bit and pieces. Nature will provide, if you have a good look around. You can look for holly and ivy, let it dry and use it for decorations and wreaths. Be mean with the spray paint, just make it enhance those autumn colours, no need to spray the whole lot. They have some gold metallic markers in Aldi that are handy for making decorations too.


Save containers, like empty jars. That gold spray paint can be used to spray the tops and they can be filled with sweets like dolly mixtures or chocolate buttons. They make a frugal present, use plastic containers for young children. You can also fill containers with dried herbs and label them. You can  get fancy mugs and fill with sweets too. Bed socks can also be filled, to make a Christmas stocking. Fill with chocolate money, clementines, mini chocolate bars and a fruit shooter in case they are thirsty!

Picture frames

You can do more cheap presents with inexpensive picture frames from the likes of Poundland. You can frame a picture of their children, their pet, their house or anything they hold dear. You can make a really amusing gift by making them a certificate or diploma from the ‘University of Life’. Choose a suitable subject to award them a certificate in alcoholism or kidology. You can also do their family tree on your computer, print it out and frame it. There is no need to trace their family tree back to the Norman conquest, just a few generations will do. A photo album filled with favourite pictures is good too. It shows that you have taken the time to do something special.


Some used things make great Christmas presents, especially if they are collectible. Think about old books, like classics; collectible toys, especially vehicles; small boxes, that can be filled with something special and will be appreciated. Watch out for old picture frames too, they can be restored and sprayed with that gold paint again.


You can make up a gift set of stationary for students and children.  Put ballpoint pens in, roller ball pens, a sketch pad, note books, a project book; whatever they might need for the subjects they study. If you put it all in a gift wrapped box file, that would be a nice present. I think you’ll find everything you need in Poundland.

Do you have a good thrifty or frugal gift idea. Please share it by adding a comment. Teenagers are difficult to buy for. Any ideas?

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