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Frugal February savings #thrifty #frugal

We can save a little money here and there all year around. I recently bought a new phone after dropping mine trying to donate to the local food bank. I found the phone I wanted at Giff Giff for £120 less than I would have paid at Amazon or local retailers. £120 saving is a lot! I put that on my credit card and also on this month’s bill was the renewal on the web space for this site! I negotiated a discount of over £100 on that too. I still have a huge credit card bill to pay this month, but I saved £220 on my frugal February credit card bill!

Frugal February

Energy tariffs

I checked my energy tariffs at the end of last year and decided on a fixed tariff. Selecting a cheaper tariff or switching supplier can save you hundreds of pounds. I think I saved about £100 by not allowing my account to go to the standard tariff at the end of the contract period.


I saved 15% on the line rental on my phone by paying for it 18 months in advance. That only saved about £30 but every little helps. I also saved on my mobile calls by buying Giff Gaff goody bags. I don’t set them to recur, I just buy what I need and that is usually a £5 goody bag or a £7.50 goody bag and there is often a gap in between purchases. I spend on average about £6 a month and that compares to £10 a month or more that my friends pay. I know people who pay much more. So that is another £50 a year saved.


Frugal February is the month I get my water bill. You can save money by having a water meter installed but I haven’t done that yet. That could save me £150 a year so I suppose I should do it!

Car insurance and tax

I could pay my car insurance and house insurance monthly but it’s £40 extra. Paying my car tax every 6 months is the most expensive way to pay and would cost £258.50. By direct debit monthly it would be 246.38. I pay cash yearly and that costs £235  and so I save at least £11.38. In frugal February, every little helps…

Budget supermarkets

I save at least £500 a year by shopping around at supermarkets even though I often shop at one of the bigger supermarkets for items that aren’t in Aldi. Besides shopping at discounters, I look for multi offers in the big supermarkets. I save £1 by buying beer in multi-packs too.

Camera equipment

I’ve saved about £400 in the past few years by buying my camera and other equipment from Hong Kong and China. I only bought one lens this year but that was about £150 off the list price. It is a really good quality lens too that takes great pictures.

Total Frugal February savings

I’ve added all the savings mentioned in this post and it comes to an amazing £1,151, not counting what I could save on my water bill. There are lots of other odd savings like buying re-chargeable batteries rather than use-once ones and being frugal about food and cooking. So overall I’m saving around £100 a month!  I am actually saving to change my car this year so that is what will pay for it!

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