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Frugal Friday: Value Added Christmas

Xmas Money

How can we save money at Christmas? It’s an expensive time of year, with Christmas gifts and celebrations to buy for. We can add value to our gifts by wrapping them well and making them look good.


We can also shop around for bargains and save money that way. We need to buy food and drinks, but do we really need such a huge turkey? Maybe downsize the turkey this year to save a few quid? You might even decide to downsize to a chicken.


Presents can be wrapped nice to make them more special and add value or you can add value in other ways. You can look around for expensive gifts that have been reduced. I bought a hat this week for £1.78 and it still had it’s £15 price label on it! Maybe you could buy a cheap £1, 8 x 10 photo frame from Poundland and put a photo in, to not only personalise it, but add value too. A photo of the person, their children or even their house would be good. Old photos can be copied, printed and framed and make great frugal gifts too. You can get 8 x 10 photos printed in some supermarkets if you don’t have a printer. You could buy a couple of china mugs and enhance their value by filling them with chocolates and wrapping them nicely.  Poundland have gifts bags too which are great for difficult to wrap pressies. You can also get a gift bag and put odd little presents in, like notebook, pens, satumas and sweets, just like a Christmas stocking, but for adults!


You can even make your own Christmas baubles for the tree and your own decorations for the room. Before you put something in the recycling, think if you could recycle it into Christmas decorations! Christmas daisy chains can be made out of some recycled leaflets for example.


I’ve put a few things on my credit card this month, mainly for the extra purchase protection, but I won’t have to pay for them until January. This can be a good idea, but not if you’re going to short of cash in January. Don’t buy things on ‘interest free’ credit where the interest is actually added to the price. Some stores charge really high interest rates too, store cards often carry a 30% plus interest rate. Live now, pay later is really live now, worry later!


When I buy a Coke in the pub, it’s the cheap cola from a pull that I actually get and even then they want to add ice (water). Try adding ice to drinks over Christmas if you can get away with it. Make a punch if you have a lot of guests and insist that they try it! Take a look in the discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl for drinks too. Don’t try to show off treating them to champagne. If you have to impress them, try liqueur chocolates or home made canapés.

I’ll be coming up with more frugal ideas for Christmas in the coming weeks. My Finance Friday posts will be back in the New Year. The stock market is a bit boring at the moment, but the Santa phenomenon might be beginning to start. I notice that shares in Debenhams are doing well and Premier Foods is picking up a little on prospects of people buying Mr Kipling cakes at Christmas. I had their Christmas cake slices last year, they were popular. It’s better with cake!  News of the government’s recovery is as expected. The deficits are up. Who would have guessed that income tax receipts would be down after George cut income tax for the rich?

That’s it for this week. There will be more posts than usual this month and more featured posts and weekend posts! I might even use some video!

Make this a value added Christmas, spend less and enjoy more! Please comment and share your thoughts on Christmas. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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