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Fulfilment and recognition #life

I think everyone likes to feel they gain something from life. A feeling that they have done a good job or created something of value. That can be difficult in many jobs and when people retire they can feel lost because all the emotional rewards they gained from working are lost. Some people feel they are in competition with others and feel fulfilment from the knowledge that they earn more than their peers. That isn’t the true fulfilment that comes from others recognising your achievements. Fulfilment and recognition go together.

fulfilment and recognition

Art and photography

I get a sense of achievement and some recognition for my art and photography and to a certain extent my writing. This is quite important and gives me something I can be proud of. This picture of a rat eating ice is quite unusual but not an award-winning picture. I have now set myself a challenge to create an image that would be good enough to win an award. I have an idea for a gallery print for a well-known gallery that might sell the print for me. I don’t need to sell my work but selling a print is part of that recognition.

Fulfilment and recognition.

To recognise that fulfilment and recognition are important and that we need those emotional rewards more than we need physical rewards helps to motivate us to be creative. In my case, I want to produce pictures that people will recognise as art and want to display on the walls of their office or home. I want to produce pictures that will spark thought and conversation. I now have to consider what my image will be for my next art project. I did produce a large image for a competition last year of a narrowboat on the canal. Then later in the year, I had art cards printed as a limited edition of a 1,000 sets. Those images were quite special and would be difficult for someone else to reproduce. For my gallery print, I want something stylish and not at all parochial. I need to appeal to an international audience this time. Art is interactive even if the interaction is quite passive. I need to identify my audience more clearly.

Fulfilment and recognition are about being passionate about your chosen subject and aiming high. It isn’t really about competing with others it is about competing with yourself. I look at photographs I took a few years ago and see how much I have improved and I try to improve my skills more quickly.

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