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Full steam ahead #photography

This Saturday there will be a steam train, the Illuminati going from Birmingham to Blackpool so that is a good photo-opportunity. It will stop at Tame Bridge but I am inclined to think I’ll be better photographing it as it goes through Bescot sidings. A steam locomotive looks quite powerful when it’s going full steam ahead so I want to try to capture that power. I think I need to be on the platform with the camera tilted upwards as the train comes through.

full steam ahead

64Million Artists

The above picture was my entry for the 64 Million Artists challenge yesterday. The challenge was ‘weather or not’ and involved looking out of the window and photographing whatever the weather was. I decided to take some photos out of the window and I took a few in the garden too. I combined the images with PhotoScape and I think with the addition of a few words it gets the message across well.

Full steam ahead

My visit to Bescot station on Saturday could be full steam ahead in more ways than one. I’ll try to get there early and take a few pictures around the station. I got some interesting pictures as I walked under the motorway last time and then I crossed the river which again offers some interesting views. The question on my mind is, as the locomotive comes towards me shall I shoot with a wide aperture or a narrow aperture. I don’t think I’ll need to go any narrower than f/8 but a wide aperture would work well too. I’ll see how fast it is going and maybe try for both. The aperture is quick and easy to set on my Nikon. If I shoot wide open, I might get the engine in sharp focus and a nice bokeh in the background. If the light is poor I’ll definitely shoot wide open.

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