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SANNA (42)

I photographed this boat last week. I wanted it in fairly sharp focus so I could read the name. The wind was blowing the tarpaulin around so, I need to freeze the movement. I needed a fast shutter speed. It was a little cloudy, so raising the ISO would help too. I just selected a scene mode and the sports setting gave me everything I needed.

SANNA (41)

I switched to a landscape setting for this shot. It’s not a photograph that’s important or a competition shot. For a competition I might give it more thought. On a day when the light is poor and you just want to enjoy taking pictures, using scene modes is quite acceptable.


At events a wide aperture and a fast shutter speed is usually the most useful setting. It was sunny when I took this picture, but raising the ISO for poor light is always an option.

This picture is also from Sunday. If your subject is in focus with a wide  aperture, then the rest of the picture isn’t important and can be out of focus.

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