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This is my first post on futuristic ideas. What will the future be like in 20 or 30 years? Our roads are congested now and young people can’t afford to buy homes because too much money is chasing too few homes. We also have problems with obesity as people choose to drive around in cars rather than walk. Can we persuade young people to walk more and eat healthier? How would we even begin to do that?



The Midland Metro looks futuristic but is it comfortable? Do the passengers get a scenic view as they travel on it? These things are important if we want more people to use it in the future. The station in Wednesbury is also away from the town centre and the walk from the bus station to the Metro station is far from scenic, it is also lonely and risky in the evening. So how are travellers meant to get from their home to the Metro station? One answer could be environmentally friendly and affordable taxis. The Metro must also be affordable if we are to encourage young people to use it rather than owning a car.


The shortage of housing is partly because there is a shortage of land. Building upwards has been recognised as a mistake because the high rise blocks of the 60s were largely utilitarian and no thought went into making them spacious and giving them scenic views. Again, we need scenic views. We also need multi-storey buildings to look nice and have lifts that work, all the time. If young people can be persuaded to spend their money on housing instead of buying cars, we influence two problems at the same time. We may not solve the problems but it would be a step in the right direction.


How can we persuade young people to walk more and keep healthy? Again scenic streets where walking could be a pleasure and scenic routes for public transport might be a big move in the right direction. Low-cost public transport would help too. Cars, however, are a status symbol. So how can we replace them not only as means of transport but as status symbols? We have to make new homes, symbols of status, less utilitarian and more desirable. We have to redesign homes and find new ways to market them. We also have to improve healthcare with an emphasis on the benefits of walking.

If we want a better future for the future generations we have to think about it now. The older generation with problems of age and disability need their cars but for in the future perhaps they will be reserved for the disabled and the emergency services?

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