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Fuzzy feelings #ramble


It is Sunday morning and so, as usual, I will share my thoughts and feelings with you. My feelings are a bit fuzzy this morning, I have no definite plans for today. I’m not well but not really sick either. I am at least doing something and my washing machine is on. That’s two jobs I’m doing and it’s not even mid-morning yet.

fuzzy ?


I know, my photo is a bit fuzzy too. All photos are a little blurred, some a lot more than others. I aim to get my subject as focused as I can and then I don’t worry too much about what is in the background. I took this photo at last week’s carnival. Some of my photos were on the front page of the Chronicle on Thursday. Those were mostly the ones taken with a wide aperture where I focused on the subject and the background was a little fuzzy.


Life is fuzzy, we rarely see everything clearly but we often have to focus on a task and try to get it right. I see people focusing on a telephone conversation and  their driving becomes a background task. It becomes fuzzy and that can cost lives. They should focus on their driving and leave the phone call until later. I suspect that some people never focus on anything and live fuzzy lives. They are the jack of all trades, masters of none. They are the Sun readers of society.


Mindfulness is a word I hear a lot just lately. It is the latest fuzzy buzz word that psycho-babblers use to describe something that is never very clear. I often paraphrase when I use a word that my readers may not be familiar with. The psycho-babblers just blind us with babble, they don’t really make sense. I was talking about our heritage one day and became mindful that there was a stained glass window in my peripheral vision. That is mindfulness, being aware of your surroundings or your past. I’m not into sitting in an Oriental lotus position and becoming mindful of my own heart beat.  Men are twice as likely as women to have a heart attack. I would probably have one just trying to get out of a lotus position.

The Streets

People are out on the streets in Turkey supporting their government. That isn’t something that would ever happen in Britain. There might be a witches coven somewhere celebrating the appointment of our new prime minister but that’s about it.


I have just pegged my washing out. It’s actually quite warm, I think we have cracked room temperature. My computer says 21C and I’ve stopped shivering. Is this summer? If I can take some photos today without shivering, they might be a little less fuzzy.

That’s it for today. I have to focus on lunch now. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter  for updates. You can also find links and pictures on my Facebook page.

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