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Gain experience and take better shots #photography

I’ve been using a DSLR for a few years now but I’m still learning. The best way to learn is to actually use the camera and gain experience. Photography with a DSLR isn’t an exact science. On aperture priority, the camera will get the exposure just about right but at times you need the experience to get that combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO just right and achieve the exposure you want. During the lockdown, I found I could shoot at 1/200 of a second and use my flash on manual (it’s restricted to 1/60 on aperture priority). That gives me much sharper pictures. There are a lot of settings and combination of settings and you need to gain experience to make the best use of them.

gain experience

Controlling the virus

We are told to observe “social distancing” but not everyone has got the message. I saw a group of people close together in the park when I took this picture. When there are groups they are more likely to approach me and ask questions. So I’m trying to avoid groups of people when I’m out now. I decided to photograph the shops and stay well away from that group of people. I like the picture and it captures a scene that is likely to change in the near future.

Gain experience

I still need to gain experience especially with some of the more advanced features of the camera. I don’t normally use bracketing but if I’m taking a shot for an art card then bracketing the shot to get just the right exposure is a good idea. I don’t do much flash photography so I need to gain experience to get better shots. Setting the aperture for landscape shots requires a little skill too.


I’m thinking of going out today and taking a few shots of local buildings and streets. It’s a sunny day and I need the exercise. I think I could have to deal with curious people and that could be today’s challenge. There is much less of a chance of catching the virus outdoors, however. The latest data suggests the virus is being spread by people in the 18 to 25 age group. So I have to be aware of that.


When we’re out and about we have to be aware of our own personal security. Cameras are expensive and should we be robbed we lose a camera, lens and probably an expensive phone too. Some of the most interesting places to take photographs like the Black Country canals are quite lonely and attract a few undesirables. Sometimes it is better to be in busy areas.

Choosing the right lens

I have to choose a lens to use today. I don’t want to be carrying lots of equipment. Today, I’ll use my 28 –300 lens on my Nikon D750. Using a prime lens is an option too and I have a new Yongnuo 50mm lens that I need to try out one of the days. The zoom lens is quite versatile, however. The light is quite bright and harsh so photographing buildings might be better than natural scenes.

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