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Geeks and photography #life

Geeks don't always own teddy bears

Socially inept?

I checked with Google the definition of the word geeks. The definition is an unfashionable or socially inept person. A nerd is very similar. These are American expressions and so not to be taken too seriously. I think geeks are drawn to computers and do take up photography. Owning a teddy bear is optional. Taking photos of your teddy bear is bordering on the weird…

Photography geeks

Photography is highly suitable for geeks who will revel in all the technical terms. They can spend ages learning all about shutter speeds and apertures and the like, to go with their extensive knowledge of internet protocols and wi-fi frequencies.


Blogging is great for people who aren’t very sociable too. You spend lots of time alone tapping away at a computer keyboard and wondering if a few extra gigabytes of memory will speed the thing up a bit. Blogging is quite technical, in this post I have to have a keyword  that says what the article is about. I have to use h2 tags to tell robots what each bloody paragraph is about. If I don’t pander to the robots, Google will ignore me even more than it does now.

Social media

Yes, social media is the domain of socially inept who prefer to update Facebook rather than talk to their friends. They are not geeks. The geeks find smartphones frustrating because they are so difficult to take apart and upgrade. You can’t hack NASA computers with a smartphone…

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of being a photo-blogging geek are obvious. Writers and photographers have a cool image. You can wear what you want and do strange things. People will think you’re weird whatever you do. The disadvantages include having to talk to people and take their photos. The worst situation is getting a group to all line up and pose at the same time. There is always one that messes up the shot making a rude gesture or answering his smartphone. You’re trying to get the tattoo of a snake emerging from their skinny jeans into sharp focus and they can’t keep still for a few seconds. Handling women can be difficult too. If they get too close to your 35mm prime lens, their more obvious body parts seem to jump out at the lens and increase in size.

Anyway, the sun’s shining. I might photograph the rugby today. That will be a virtually geek free event. I will be able to recognise the geeks, they will all have cameras and be standing alone. It’s the sort of event where you try to capture a bit of action with a long lens. Geeks actually hate rugby but there is bugger all else happening today… It is only 6C, I won’t bother if it doesn’t warm up…

That’s it for today. Take up photo blogging and you can become a cool, award-winning writer and photographer but you might have to talk to people. There’s always a downside…

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I nearly forgot the photos…

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