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Get up and go? #Mondayblues

I am struggling to find the motivation to do anything this morning. Cognitive dissonance seems to be a problem that most of us have to cope with. I don’t feel well most of the time and so I want to stay where I feel most comfortable, at home. I think many people found it hard to get up this morning and wanted to stay in their warm bed. This ability to overcome our primitive desires separates us from other animals. We have to get up and go to wherever life demands.

get up and go


Glancing at my social media channels this morning I saw that many people were having transport problems. We can’t go on like this, we must find a way to ease congestion on our roads. I saw many people were having problems with late trains and other public transport problems. Many people need more exercise and so could be encouraged to walk to public transport and give up their cars. I’m sure many two-car families would be happier with just one car and would use public transport more if it was clean and reliable.

Get up and go

Lost you get up and go this morning? Feeling depressed can make you feel lethargic and then you just want to stay in bed. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a fact of life for many people and can be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. We make vitamin D when we’re exposed to sunlight and we have less of that in winter.


I’m retired and so I just have to get up and go shopping later. That will be an effort! I suppose I have those Monday morning blues and will feel better this afternoon. Positive thinking can help launch yourself into the day and then the blues just fade away!


Monday contrasts with the weekend and is like coming down after a more eventful couple of days. My weekend was good, I managed some photography but I’m not really coming down from the excitement. I just have another week of appointments and mundane tasks. I’m aware that I shouldn’t waste these winter days but I’m also looking forward to the Spring equinox next month. That will see the first daffodils poking through the soil and the beginning of lighter evenings. There is a lot to look forward to.

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