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Getting your content out there #photography #writing

Whether you’re into blogging, social media or printed media. You have to create content for the general public. I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts for my blog, I use Outlook for emails and I use MS Word to write everything else. That is just the words but I also produce pictures. My Nikon D3200 produces quite good photos and I use Windows Live gallery to edit them and often use PhotoScape too. Resizing and adding the copyright notice to photographs is done with Fotosizer. The way I create content is fast and simple.

Getting your content out there

Getting it out there

Getting my content out there isn’t a problem. I have several social media channels, including LinkedIn, two Twitter accounts and an Instagram account. I am also the admin of a number of Facebook pages and groups. For some Facebook pages I create content and for others, it is about curating content.

Target audience

My target audience is people who live in the same town as me or who have a strong connection with the town. They are always in my mind when I am writing. I also try to show the town in a good light; literally!


I do have a large print exhibited in the local art gallery and I have ordered some art cards to be printed that should go on sale soon. Getting the content out there should be as diverse as possible. I hope I’ll be able to produce some content and set up social media channels for next year’s photography festival. Content producers have to get their content out there, get a reputation for reaching their audience and then look for opportunities.

Getting content out there

Getting your content out there can also mean contributing images to the local newspaper or other publications. I do community photography so supply content free to local businesses and charities.

Content Producer

You need people to not only see your content but know it is you, who is the producer. A simple copyright notice will mark your work as yours.

Your content gives an overall image and it should be a positive image. I’ll end with a selection of pictures that I’ve taken recently. If you would like to discover my social media channels, you can follow me on Twitter or check out content on my Facebook page.

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