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Today’s picture is an artistic edit of one of the photographs that I took on Sunday. I wish I could have done stuff like this when I was younger. Technology has given us the tools to become much more creative.

Life can be about a lot of things but I think beautiful things are important, we should have them in our lives. That doesn’t mean spending lots of money on them, but if you want to buy a print of my picture that would be great!

Life is to be enjoyed and I enjoy writing and messing around with pictures. A picture can say so much more than words and people can relate to a picture and appreciate it in a moment. An image can contain a message or it can provoke thought and even change the mood of the viewer. It can create awareness and be a powerful medium for spreading a concept. I enjoy creating pictures and maybe the fine artists of the Victorian era felt the same. Many artists want fame and fortune, but some just want the pleasure of being creative.

Nurturing your creativity seems to be a healthy thing to do, some say it’s good for mental health. We often think too much, we worry about finances and relationships and we need a break from that worry. Even when we listen to music or watch television our thoughts keep turning to our worries and anxieties. Maybe doing something that requires more concentration than watching some boring soap on television can be good for the mind.

I always try to encourage people to be creative, to do some writing or photography or to create something using the talents that they have. Even planting and creating a garden can be a great way to create something beautiful that will be appreciated by others. Drawing and painting can also be therapeutic for some people and is a proven way to create something of value.

The approval of other people is important to us, it signifies acceptance and so sharing the things we create with others is good for our state of mind too. Even amusing comments and thought provoking posts on social media can put us in touch with other people and allow friendships to form.

I hope my post today has been thought provoking and that you’ll find some pleasure in trying something creative and will try to appreciate what others create too.

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