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Getting out of Wednesbury #ramble

Here we are again, it’s Sunday morning and once again I give you a VIP pass into the labyrinth that is the neural network of my mind and share my thoughts with you. What’s going on in mind this morning as I listen to the rain drip into a puddle outside and drink my tea? Well, I would like to go out today and take some photographs while there is a lull in the traffic chaos we experience in the Black Country every other day. I was even thinking of venturing out of Wednesbury.

Model train in Wednesbury


I don’t need training but it was a week of train associated photography. Yesterday it was the opening of the West Bromwich Rail Model Club and I was there to photograph the ribbon being cut. I did them a Facebook page but I don’t think they’ve seen it yet. I might have to pop down and tell them about it tomorrow! Their new headquarters is in Wednesbury so I don’t have to go far.


This is under the M6 motorway. You have to walk under the motorway and cross the river to get to Bescot station which is where I took photos on Thursday. See, I do go out of Wednesbury sometimes. I actually went to Matalan and bought a couple of new jumpers. Well, I might as well take photos while I’m there.

Bescot Station


This is Bescot station, edited with my new Photoshop app to correct the white balance. So my week was all about trains and railways. Black Country photographers is a group on Facebook that I’m a member of and we have talked about meeting up. Bescot station would be a great place to meet. There are lots to photograph with the station, yards, trains and motorway. There was even a swan on the River Tame! The Tame runs into Wednesbury from there and is quite scenic.


People cause us stress and landscape photography is largely stress-free. You just wander around looking for great shots. Whether it is a railway station or a scenic park you’re not usually bothered by anyone. I did have a couple of people ask me for the number of a train on Bescot station but I think that was quite unusual. They perhaps thought I was an advanced train spotter photographing the things.

Wednesbury Blogger

I’m usually quite creative and so I find the writing and photography quite easy but I think my creative juices have dried up a bit. I’m finding writing quite difficult and I’ve been asked to write a guest post. I have a subject and a few ideas but writing should just flow and not be strained or too difficult. I hope I get back to my normal self tomorrow!

That’s it for this week. I have rambled but I needed a few pictures to make today’s ramble bearable. I need to give my mind a breath of fresh air so I think I’ll drive out of Wednesbury somewhere this afternoon. Even if it is raining!

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