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Getting ready for Christmas #life

Yes, I’m getting ready for Christmas. I have to stay in nearly every day this week waiting for deliveries. Today I’m waiting in for an air-fryer to be delivered. No, I haven’t bought it as a gift! I bought a new basket for my air-fryer not long ago and I had to alter it to make it fit and it cost £26. While I was ordering Christmas gifts I saw one on offer for £30 that would usually cost over £90. I shall put it away and when I need to replace the basket on my air-fryer, I’ll simply replace the whole thing! I see it as an investment. It will save me money in the long run. I’ve also been preparing for Christmas by sorting out some Christmas cards. I bought those well in advance too. The ones I was going to use are nice but too small. I want to insert a set of art cards inside my Christmas cards as a little extra for friends and relatives.

preparing for Christmas

Christmas Lights

I think they might be doing better Christmas lights this year but the switch-on will still be on Friday evening. I usually go and take photographs which isn’t easy, it’s either freezing cold or raining or both. I haven’t been well this year so I’m not doing it this year. There was some controversy over the switch-on last year and I suspect there will be this year too. Who is it for anyway? Is it to attract customers to benefit the traders or is it for the children? I don’t think it is for either. The switch-on is after the shops have closed and it’s too late for many children. It is also during the Friday rush hour which is another reason I’m not bothering to go.

Getting ready for Christmas

Is all this getting ready for Christmas making me cynical? I do tend to take life more seriously than most people. I often see people laughing for no reason and it is usually an in-joke at the expense of someone less fortunate. I saw something on Facebook about a young woman taking empty bottles from outside a local club; presumably to drain the dregs. I felt sympathy for the poor woman, many others were only too ready to cast the first stone. Life hasn’t been too good for me this year but I am always very aware that there are those who are much worse off. Part of my getting ready for Christmas schedule will include taking a box of food to the food bank which I hope will help someone worse off than me.


Officially it is still autumn despite the wintry weather. I prefer to think of it as autumn, it makes the winter seem so much shorter! Spring this year started with snow and the seasons do seem to overlap as far as the weather is concerned. I do see a trend and the winter weather seems to start later and continue into spring. I have my snow shovel at the ready and a scraper together with several cans of de-icer in my car. Last winter the sewer pipe froze for several days but I think that low temperature was really exceptional.

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