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Getting ready for lockdown #covid_19

It’s been a while since I have written a post. I even missed my rambling Sunday post. There is so much to think about. I’ll be going into lockdown at the weekend. The government says for 12 weeks. I think it will be longer. Covid_19 would probably kill me. At the very least, it would be very unpleasant. So I’m preparing for lockdown. I’m not a very social person anyway so maybe it will be easier for me. I have to keep busy and keep solving the many problems I’m sure will be thrown up.

Saliva and snot

The virus is mostly in saliva and nasal mucus or snot if you want to be a little vulgar. I do have some masks which the experts say will be useless. I disagree and so do millions of people across the world who are wearing masks. The official estimate if that there are around 30,000 carriers now. I suspect most of those are in London and the big cities. I’m safe for now but we need to have a date to change our behaviour and mine will be Sunday. Sunday will be the beginning of lockdown. I’ll have my house and my garden to wander around.

Growing things

I didn’t expect to be growing things in the garden again but I have some runner beans seeds and I’ll try to sort out some compost and plant those. I used to plant them in April, maybe I’ll wait until May. I’ll watch the weather forecasts. They will be started on a windowsill anyway. I have seed potatoes on order and they should be delivered this week and I have some going to seed if they aren’t delivered. They will be more difficult to plant. I grew potatoes in my old dustbin last year. I’ll do that again and use other containers. I might clear out my shed and make some room for storing them.


Know your enemy they say and the enemy is the virus that causes covid_19. The outside of the virus is the lipid membrane which is a greasy layer than can be broken down with soap and hot water or washing up liquid or a weak solution of bleach and water. Is the virus actually alive? I’m not sure. It lives once it’s inside an animal cell. It will be active for up to 48 hours on hard surfaces. Let’s kill the bugger! We can kill it by depriving it of hosts and by disinfecting hard surfaces.

The beginning

Today, I’m taking delivery of 50Kg of potatoes and some fruit and veg. I have to store the potatoes somewhere cool. It will be a struggle to get them out to the shed but I’ll manage somehow.  Then I’ll go shopping for medicines and maybe a few other odd things. If the local shop has beer, I’ll buy some. The little luxuries will keep me sane. That’s my day planned. I hope those spuds arrive early. Good luck to you whatever you’re doing.

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