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Getting started in photography

Most cameras and phones will take a good picture in a good light. The problems start in artificial light and in poor light. On automatic settings, the camera slows the shutter speed down to compensate for the lack of light which causes blur.  Holding the camera very still is the first thing you can do to get better pictures. You can also focus on subjects close to the camera which will mean a wide aperture and that allows more light into the camera and you get a faster shutter speed. If you’re just getting started in photography choosing a good camera can also help you get great pictures.


Getting started

I shot this picture close up with a wide angle lens and composing the picture helped make it a good shot. I have a wall in the background that is a similar colour to the flowers which has blurred into a nice bokeh behind my subject. This was shot with an expensive DSLR but you can get cheap second-hand DSLRs. There a number of cameras on eBay for less than £100 and you can get a Nikon D3300 body for £140.  There are a few Nikon D3200 camera with lenses for less than £200 and they are great cameras. A cheap used DSLR is a good way of getting started.

Prime lens

Prime lenses don’t zoom in and out but because they have fewer elements they give a good quality image. There is a Yongnou 50mm prime lens on Amazon for less than £70 which would give great pictures paired with something like a Nikon D3200. It would be a great way of getting started in high-quality photography. Some photographers don’t even own zoom lenses and rely on a couple of prime lenses. Prime lenses are also very small and light.

Zoom lenses

If you have more money then a 50mm prime lens and a versatile zoom lens is a good way of getting started. On my D3200 I used an 18 – 105mm lens for events and sometimes a 55 – 300mm lens. I now use a 28 – 300mm lens on my D750 full-frame camera but I still use my 35 mm prime lens. If you’re getting started then a cropped-sensor camera like a Nikon D3200 is a good start. The D750 has a sensor that is twice the size but it is an expensive camera.

Bridge camera

Bridge cameras are great and cheaper than DSLR cameras. They are versatile and good for family snaps and taking photos on holiday. If you want to get close to sharp professional photos on a budget then a used DSLR with a prime lens will give you the best pictures for your money.

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