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I like this image, it says pantomime doesn’t it? It has a Victorian look to it as well which we associate these days with Christmas films on television. We know there was poverty and suffering in the Victorian era, but we mostly associate it with Dickensian images of snow falling on quaint streets of shops, hansom cabs and ladies and gentlemen in their finery.

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia (creative commons)

We can ignore the deprivation and poverty of the Victorian era and think of the fine buildings, the grand houses and the splendidly bourgeois lifestyle of the aristocracy.  That, however, is just an image.

We have modern day images based on all sorts of exterior adornments. These adornments can be our clothes, our hairstyle, our footwear and even the phone we carry. We are judged not only on these adornments but on the car we drive, the way that we speak and these days even our online image. We are even judged on the type of home we live in and how fashionable our postcode is.  Fortunately, not all these things are visible all of the time and can be manipulated. It has been known for people to ‘dress the part’ as if they were in a film complete with the accessories of the successful such as expensive jewellery and upmarket mobile phone in order to impress and be accepted.

It is true that image helps you get to where you want to be in life and just one word can ruin the pretence. The script must be followed and one tiny slip can ruin the ‘play’ because your performance is live and there can be no rehearsals. Life has no rehearsals, we have to do it ‘live’ and we have to improvise and ad-lib.

Is it enough to just present an imagine to the world and hope they fall for it? Do we have to acquire a little acting experience and stagecraft in order to pull it off? We are all actors and we all acquire experience as we age, but can being aware of our image more help us to get on in life? We write our own script so can additional planning make our ‘play’ run more smoothly and help us get through the charade that is life, more easily?

One of the purposes of this blog is to make you the reader think. I hope today it has made you reflect on your own image and helps you develop some new ideas to make it more acceptable to the people in your ‘audience’.

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