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Gluten-free means higher prices #thrifty

I wanted some cornflakes last week and the Nestle ones weren’t on the usual shelf. I found them in the very short free-from section in Asda. They were of course much more expensive than the usual Asda ones. This made me annoyed enough to do some checks and found the Asda, Chosen by You, cornflakes listed in my food list as gluten- free. They are not gluten-free according to Asda who say they contain barley. Asda does their own gluten-free cornflakes that are a smaller box and work out even more expensive than the Nestle cornflakes. Confused? Me too. I went to Aldi for the soya milk to pour over them…

products for gluten-free diet


It is nice to see Tesco stocking gluten-free, but their advert for gluten-free was condescending and silly. I just looked at their website to see what they actually have. It was disappointing and then a bit of excitement when I spotted custard cream biscuits. I had some of those in the hospital and they were also milk-free. Disappointment followed the brief wave of excitement when I found the ones in Tesco aren’t milk-free. Incidentally, gluten-free isn’t a fashion statement for me, I do actually have coeliac disease.


Christmas can be difficult if you are on any kind of diet and a gluten-free diet is difficult at Christmas. Asda does gluten-free chocolate bars that I have occasionally. I’ll stock up on some of those. Most sweets are gluten-free and Poundland do some delicious jelly babies! Do you need to buy expensive gluten-free beer? There is only a trace of gluten in most bottled and canned beers but beware of real ales. I’m not fussy about biscuits and cakes. I’ll have my usual biscuits and I’ll have some other gluten-free treats at Christmas. Many things are naturally gluten-free like fruit and you don’t really need to buy expensive gluten-free sausage rolls from Tesco. I hope Aldi have their gluten-free sausages in before Christmas, though.  They are delicious and can be cooked and served cold for everyone to eat.

Food Bank

I’m stocking up on things for Christmas now and I have a box I’m filling for the local food bank. I’ll take the volunteers a box of mince pies too!

Bargain Booze

You can save on drinks for Christmas by looking for offers now. Check out Lidl and Aldi for wine and the smaller retailers for beer. I find Bargain Booze cheaper than the supermarkets. I usually buy one of two gift vouchers from Asda, I might get those next time I shop there. I don’t really need to spread the cost of Christmas, but I do need to spread the hassle of shopping for Christmas!


I need another winter sweater but I’ll wait for Matalan to do another offer. I have the app on my phone and they often give me a barcode for 20% off. You need a Matalan card for that, as well as the app.

If you have any thrifty money-saving ideas please comment below or on my Facebook page. You can subscribe to this blog just by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. Want to save by growing your own veggies? Coming soon will be gardening posts!

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