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Good Old Days? #ramble

This is the town I grew up in, with its filth, smoke and rampant disease. Do I miss the days of the British Empire and National Service? If the photographer had turned left a bit when he took this picture, he would have got the Chest Clinic in, where we had x-rays done on antiquated equipment.  Good old days? I don’t think so.

wednesbury industry - good old days?

Those days of measles and polio, of bronchitis and chickenpox, are over and we don’t really miss them. We do miss being young, but old age isn’t too bad if you are reasonably independent. Where there is a will there is a way. I took my new motor mower across my veggie plot yesterday, there is no need to weed it now!


The country is divided over the EU referendum. Most people here are for Brexit. We get a lot more immigration here than in Chipping Norton. We aren’t racist of course. Most people love a curry washed down with a couple of gallon of German beer or is that beer first and curry after; whatever. Multicultural ideas have brought us fast food, pizza, curry, Mediterranean food, Chinese food and even sushi. It all blends in with our pub meals and fish and chip shops, which also serve kebabs and curry. No, people here want out because it is a waste of money. We are giving money to unelected bureaucrats to spend. If we wanted to do that, we would give it to the pin-striped brigade of Whitehall. They might all be a waste of space, but at least they are a British waste of space.

Not bothered

Me, I’m not really bothered which way the vote goes. Nothing much will change. If we really leave all the EU agreements behind, it will be quite amusing. Border controls won’t just stop people getting in, it could stop people getting out. It would be quite funny to watch the Brexiteers try to book a fortnight on the Costa Del Sol only to find they need a Schengen visa. I can imagine the queues outside European embassies as the Brits queue for their Schengen interviews. The Germans don’t have much of a sense of humour but even they might find that quite funny. They might even add a few new questions to the interview such as – Sprechen sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? The Euro football thing will be hilarious next time.

Good old days

In the good old days, that many people long for, we all smoked cancer-causing cigarettes, worked too much and few people could afford a holiday. For many local people, those things are very much the same. Education is changing things with more and more young people going to university. I miss the polite behaviour and morality of years ago, but I suppose that wasn’t the norm even then. People have always complained about standards slipping and they always find a scapegoat. If it’s not the ‘orrible working classes, it is the  immigrants. Personally, I find the Downton Abbey set more obnoxious with their lack of empathy towards anyone who they perceive as different.

I much prefer computers and smartphones to the wireless and gramophone of the good old days.

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