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Goodbye 2019 – hello 2020 #ramble

It’s coming to the end of the year and so it’s time to consider the events of the last year and plan for 2020. Hello 2020, what can I do with you! I will certainly be involved in art and photography and trying to improve my deteriorating health.

hello 2020

Art cards

I’m planning more art cards this year. I think both Highfields House and the Farley Tower in West Bromwich would make good subjects. I like this picture, the two ladies in pink trousers make the image. Often people who just happen to wander into a picture add a lot to it. This scene has been altered so I’ll have to go and see what it’s like now.

Hello 2020

At the end of January there is a memorial service in the garden of Highfields House to remember victims of the Holocaust. I’m considering taking photos but I’ll wait and see what the weather is like. It was freezing last time I went and it is likely to be either cold or wet. I used a picture this week of Mindu Hornick that I took the last time I was there. She was given an MBE in the New Year’s honour list.


In January, I’ll be doing the 64Million artists daily challenges and I’ll still be admin of the History of Wednesbury and curating the archive. I’ll also try to post more on my website! My creativity has been curtailed over 2019 with concerns about my health and a few other problems. I hope I can write more in 2020. I also intend to develop my photography and go for a more distinctive style to my photographs. I need to be more extrovert and ask people to pose in the shots. Stand there and try to look natural!


After I have published this post I’ll be scheduling posts on the History of Wednesbury to last all day. This afternoon, I’ll be doing a buffet and drinks for my family. The one day of the year when I allow myself more than one can of beer!  I did have a couple of small glasses of sherry at Christmas which was a nice reminder of my younger days.

Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 that I bought for the art festival has been great but I haven’t really used it enough. I’m usually quite prolific taking photos but my reduced mobility has been a problem. I will get more exercise in 2020 and I have a blood thinner to help my circulation as well. Hello 2020, will be one of more exercise and lot of writing and photography. I have the 28 – 300 mm lens on my Nikon D750 which is great and suits my style of photography. I’m shooting with faster shutter speeds now too. I’m a nervous person who feels the cold, so if I’m not shaking because of nerves I’m shivering with the cold. I am getting really sharp pictures with a fast shutter on manual. It often means using higher ISO settings but the D750 does it noise free. The price of the camera has actually dropped since I bought mine.

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