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Grand Theft Auto and other distractions #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? The history and heritage of this little town I live in are never far from my mind. Now that we are going to get nearly 2 million pounds to renovate the conservation zone I am taking an interest in that area of the town. I’ll be out again today photographing the buildings and recording history as it happens. Also, never far from my mind these days is a nasty disease called Covid-19, so I have to be careful. Grand Theft Auto

Conservation zone

I took a few photos last week but the light was very harsh and it is the same today. In this image, you can see the long shadows, the sun already beginning to go down and shade the Market Place. I think I need to venture out a little earlier today. I’ve been posting the pictures on the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. Social media is participatory and I want the people of Wednesbury to participate in this project and have a voice. They often feel like the council and its councillors don’t listen to them. I know a few councillors do follow the history page and are aware of the comments that people make and their views. They have fewer opportunities to influence policy now though because none of our local councillors is a cabinet member. They can only do so much and have limited influence.

Grand Theft Auto

I can’t have much interaction with other people apart from social media but I have to keep my mind occupied so I bought a Playstation! We all need a fantasy world to escape to. I bought Grand Theft Auto to play on it which is basically driving around Los Santos and trying to outrun the cops. There are ‘missions’ and I did manage to rob a SWAT team’s vehicle full of weapons which were then used to rob a jewellery store. The escape was partly along the side of a canalised river where they have car races. I haven’t actually seen a car race but some guys did shoot at me when I tried to explore the river. That is now my favourite way of losing the cops. I have driven a car into the lake at the end and had to climb out! It’s not all driving like a crazy person, you can hop on a freight train and ride it back to the city when you get stranded out in rural America. Last night, I stole a performance car and when that was damaged I swapped it for a police motorcycle. I can recommend the police motorcycle because it’s equipped with a police radio! Try to avoid stealing electric cars, they run silently and that detracts from the fun. Grand Theft Auto is a good game but not really suitable for children.


The epidemic of Covid-19 shows no sign of abating locally. I do have some idea of where the outbreaks are now. One area of concern is well-known for being not only multicultural but it is also known for its ladies of the night. So Covid-19 isn’t the only infection you can catch there. The outbreak in Smethwick coincidentally is near where they are doing testing at the new Metropolitan Hospital. I’m closed to the Walsall border so prefer to go to the Manor Hospital where they too have local outbreaks. I had a telephone consultation recently but the letter that was promised to be sent to my GP never arrived. I suspect the whole hospital is under a strain and trying to cope not just with Covid-19 but a new patient records system too. I keep up with the news about the pandemic and post Covid-19 updates on Facebook but I need my distractions or it would drive me crazy. I suspect it will be a lonely winter and probably Christmas will be a time of greater concern. I’ll go out and take photos on Christmas Day as I usually do.

Sunday distractions

So I have my day planned out. I’ll have an early lunch followed by a little photography in the town centre and maybe some Grand Theft Auto mayhem in the late afternoon! I’ll be very aware of the need to avoid contact with people while I’m out and I will take a mask with me. I did talk to a couple of people last week but stayed 2–metres away. That was low-risk but I won’t invite conversation this week.

On Tuesday, I’ll be doing my usual photography post with more tips and insights.

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