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Graphic design using PhotoScape

I’ve been using PhotoScape to do some graphic design to publicise a few events. It is fairly easy and very effective. You can not only tell people about your event but show them the location with a picture. Today, I’m doing a photo shoot to raise money for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital and so designed a graphic to publicise it.

Photo shoot - graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic design with PhotoScape is fairly easy because it’s an application that is fairly intuitive to use. I also use it for editing photos and adding a copyright notice. It’s a free download but there is also a paid version.


I’m are trying to get across information with my graphic and so I keep the wording to a minimum and I try to give it impact. The picture conveys a lot of information and the words add the details. These graphics are ideal for social media like Facebook and Twitter.


This graphic is to publicise our monthly car-boot sale and uses the bare minimum of information to grab the attention of the viewer. Facebook allows a description so a little more information can be added there.

Design meets art

Graphic design can be quite artistic because PhotoScape allows for the photo to be turned into a coloured pencil drawing and there are other effects that will change your photo into something eye-catching. It uses the fonts that are installed on your computer and you can find more free fonts online. I also put a shadow on the text of these graphics to make it stand out against the backgrounds. That allows me to use light colours on a light background. You can also design adverts for local businesses, just take a photo of their premises and add the name and address for a simple graphic.

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