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Group photos and metering #photography

This year I have moved away from landscape photography to become a community photographer photographing local events. It is a quite different type of photography and requires the use of wider apertures and different techniques. I didn’t expect to be doing so many events now that winter is nearly here but I have done three events in the past three days. All three events involved group photos.

group photos

Black clothing

On Saturday, my group included local politicians and the local MPs too. It was close to midday and the light was really harsh. My camera has 11 focus points used for focusing and metering. I used all 11 for this shot, possibly more focus points would have been an advantage. I shot this with quite a wide aperture and so a fast shutter speed. Most of the focus points would have been measuring light from black clothing and so paler colours tend to look too pale.

Cheer Angels


I photographed the Cheer Angels on Sunday morning as they set off on their sponsored walk and then again at the end of the walk near the town’s Christmas tree. Again with grey skies, the light was a little harsh. In the past, I have used a warm filter for this kind of picture and I’ll consider that again in the future for winter pictures. Again I tried to get as many focus points to light up as possible as I did with the other group photos.

CH (70)

Smaller group photos work better and the metering is more accurate and allow a wider aperture.


Indoor group photos

Yesterday, I photographed the children of the Wednesbury Adventure and Pathfinder Club (scouts) who came to the town hall laden with gifts for children less fortunate. They were quite excited about the visit and the light for this group photo was quite different. I wanted my focus points spread across the people and as many focus points used as possible. The camera needed to be pointed at the middle of the group, moving it in very slightly in any direction changed the focusing and the metering. This photo is a little on the pale side but I’m very pleased with it. I used a small Nikon Speedlight for this picture which controlled the flash using TTL metering.

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