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Habitual savings #thrifty

We are creatures of habit and marketing people rely on this to sell us products and services. We can make this habitual tendency work for us, though. If we make comparing prices habitual it can save us money, not only on our weekly grocery shop but on more expensive items like car insurance.

habitual savings

Time’s money

Time’s money, as someone once said and habitual behaviour can save us some time. We do things without much thought. We get into a habitual behaviour pattern that means fish and chips every Friday come rain or shine. I believe that the fish on Friday thing has some religious significance but I doubt if we would be struck down by lightning if we changed that to eggs, chips and peas and cooked it ourselves to save a few quid.


A desire for self-esteem can drive habitual behaviour and we can shop at the same store for years and wear the same style of clothes for decades because of some out of date idea that a certain style enhances our self-esteem. The tailored suit that looked great 20 years ago might look out-of-place in the modern office and it might be time to take another look in the mirror and re-evaluate our dress sense.

Social status

The ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ phenomenon is driven by a desire for social status. This can lead to us spending thousands improving our homes, especially the driveway and frontage. It can also drive us to change our cars for a ‘later model’ for reasons of prestige rather than economy. A higher standard of behaviour and having values that commit to a better society can elevate a person’s status much more than possessions and be much less expensive.

Habitual behaviour

You can change your habitual behaviour by becoming less concerned with possessions and more concerned with developing a friendlier more generous nature. Become more concerned with earning respect, than earning just money. They say the best things in life are free, we should at least think about that.

I hope today’s post has given you something to think about and remember if you have children, that they develop habitual behaviour as they grow up. Help them develop good habits. If you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or you can follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also more ideas on my Facebook page.

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