Halloween and autumn colours

It is Sunday morning and as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? It’s Halloween and it is raining quite persistently! I had a Halloween barbecue planned for this afternoon but had to cancel due to the weather forecast. I haven’t seen my family much due to the pandemic but hopefully we can see each other at Christmas. All of my usual Christmas guests have been vaccinated.

Autumn colours 2

Autumn colours

The weather forecast now says the rain will stop this afternoon so I might venture out with my camera and capture some of those autumn colours. I think our new bookshop is open today so I might pop in and see if I can pick up a book about Aethelflaed, who according to that book built a buhr in Wednesbury to defend against the Vikings.

Wine by the half dozen

I keep seeing a advert for wine on the Asda website that says I get 25% off if I buy 6 bottles. I ordered 6 assorted but no offer came up so I tried ordering 6 bottles of one particular Chardonnay and still no multibuy discount. I gave up and settled for 2 bottles of Chardonnay and a bottle of pinot noir. I like the Chardonnay but my family members prefer red wine. I do wish they would make sure these offers work right!


Halloween is a bit of a none event for me  now my barbecue is cancelled. I hope I can at least go out and have a change of scene this afternoon. Covid is still around so I still have to be careful. There are still 124 cases of covid in Wednesbury. I calculate the odds against me catching covid from the lady in the bookshop is about 400 to 1. That is assuming there are no other customers. The odds fall dramatically in a crowded place. Catching covid would be a Halloween horror despite the fact I have been vaccinated. I have always had problems with my immune system. How would it respond to the covid virus? I don’t know. I might just get a bad case of flu or it could develop into something far nastier like a cytokine storm. I don’t really want to risk it. If I was younger, healthier and needed to earn a living things would be different.

End of the season

Seasons come and go and our lives have their seasons. We have to take stock sometimes and start a new chapter in out lives. I think I’ll stop blogging in the new year and close this website down. I’ll keep the domain name (in case anyone wants to buy it) and maybe point it at my Facebook page. I think I’ll post more pictures and posts to both the Facebook page and the Instagram account. Let 2022 be a new beginning! It will save me money not having to renew the webspace and I could always blog on WordPress.com if I find I miss writing. You are welcome to contact me if you want to buy the domain name!

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