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I’ve started with a really spooky picture of Moorcroft Wood today because it’s Halloween. I’ve been building this website up since February and it’s been a struggle. It’s not just about writing, I also have to do publicity. I need help today with publicity.

This week isn’t going well. On Sunday, I checked the page views, they go up every month, but maybe not this month. I needed to do something! Maybe if I wrote a really funny blog, I would get more readers and then end the month with something interesting? I still had three days to go.

I wrote my Sunday blog and uploaded it to the website. My picture was supposed to be colour. Why was it black and white? This was worrying, it could really mess up my Tuesday art blog. It would have to do, I needed to get out there and take photographs. Then the rain started…

What can I say about Monday, it was one of those days and I didn’t have time to write a blog at all. Tuesday was better, the sun was shining, I could go and buy some gloves and take photographs. I did my Neodigital Art blog and it was then I realised that Sunday’s amazing blog was still a draft. I hadn’t clicked publish. But at least the sun was shining, I could take some photographs. No, I couldn’t; the car wouldn’t start.

That brings me up to today. There is no sunshine, but at least the car wasn’t terminal. It turned out to be the fuse to the fuel pump. I need pageviews on my website! I need October to at least be marginally better than September, after all there was only 30 days in September.

I shall post a link to this blog on Facebook and tweet it too. I could post a link on MSN, but that probably won’t help. I need ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook. That’s where you can help.

Now for the interesting bit. If you help other people and I do; a lot. It then allows you to ask for help without feeling awkward about it. You can think to yourself something like, ‘now it’s my turn’.

I also need more guest writers to write guest posts. This could be an opportunity for you to have your stuff published or your photographs seen. A zillion ideas is a site that is very diverse and so you should find a subject that suits your knowledge, expertise or talents. It would also look good on your CV.

Please enjoy Halloween, this is a time to face the spooky stuff that scares you. The darkness, the cold chills that run down your spine… It’s a time to switch on the lights and wear a woolly!

Now click ‘share’

Smile with tongue out

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