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Halloween Ideas #thrifty

Kids want to have fun on Halloween, making masks and dressing up. This can be done on a budget and the event can be made more special with seasonal foods. Try making special soups or non-alcoholic cocktails.

Sausages with baked potatoes is a good idea for Halloween and bonfire night. Hot dogs are cheap to make if you buy the bread rolls, sausages and onions yourself. Don’t buy fireworks, try to go to an organised event, it cheaper and safer.

Try cutting bats out of cardboard for decoration and make conical witches hats too. If you buy decorations, make sure you store them away to use next year too. You can store away home made masks and other items too.

The Aldi super-six this week are fun-size apples, asparagus (170g), kale (200g), plums (400g), butternut squash and chestnut mushrooms (200g). They are all 59p and the offer lasts until the 4th of November.

The special buys today are mostly children’s toys and equestrian  products. The reversible hi-viz gilet for children is a great idea and fashionable too.

The top special buy on Sunday is a 55” television for 399.00. There are also Christmas gift items.

There is lots of Halloween stuff at Asda too, again save anything you buy for next year!

There is a selection of spooky stuff at Tesco too. Check the face paint and makeup to make sure it’s safe to use. Make sure you know how to get it off too! Masks are much better for very young children.

Many museums and local history centres are holding events for Halloween, so check out what’s on in your locality.

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