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Happy Christmas #Wednesburyonline

I’ve abandoned the traditional Merry Christmas in favour of Happy Christmas. This is quite a radical shift in thinking but I’m not appeasing people who don’t celebrate Christmas by wishing people ‘Happy Holidays’.  It’s Christmas and should be a day of celebration. You don’t have to get merry as in alcoholic merry, do you?

Happy Christmas

64 Million Artists

I did the 64 million artists weekly challenge yesterday. 12 words that sum up 2018! I used colour to differentiate the good from the bad. The good stuff out-weighed the bad stuff. I shall be more involved in art and photography in 2019 and intend to do the 64 Million Artists January challenge. I think my design reflects 2018 and is quite stylish!


When I was young, it was sort of tradition to have whisky in our tea on Christmas morning. I could do with that now but times change and I’ll probably be driving later. Hence my conversion from Merry to Happy Christmas. I like tradition but we have to be sensible. You don’t see mistletoe anymore, not at my age anyway! Even the Christmas music has changed. I listened to some of the stuff by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Even Mariah Carey seems old-fashioned, now. We have new singers like Ariana Grande who seem to have a very strange way of singing to me. I know, I got old. I might be getting into the old and cranky stage of life now. I’m sat here on my own on Christmas morning, writing this crap. I can at least write, create something artistic and take the odd decent photo. I’m old but not useless!

Happy Christmas

Yes, have a happy Christmas but think about others especially your elderly neighbour sitting all alone in front of a gas fire. It’s not on, I have central heating but I would welcome a visitor bearing gifts. Actually, I have everything I need. People have a condescending view of the elderly at Christmas. Please visit or phone your elderly relatives, that is important, but don’t feel sorry for us. I actually had a chat with my friend in Hong Kong this morning but I’m not typical of my generation. I’m a bit more switched on to all the technology. I have a smartphone, a smart meter and smart television. If I was any smarter, I’d be a genius! I will be applying for a new driving licence as soon as I can get someone to countersign my form and say I look like my photo. Yes, I am nearly old enough for a photo-id driving licence!


Learning new stuff is getting a bit of a problem. I have to upgrade WordPress to version 5 or something and start using Gutenberg to edit my posts. I’ll be able to move blocks of text around and do all sorts of smart things with that. I’m not looking forward to the learning process that I will have to endure with that so I’m delaying it until 2019! I think guten means good in German. Let’s hope it is!

Have a happy Christmas, wherever you are. I’m off out later, this is one day of the year when the roads are quiet. I’ll end with a few photos…

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