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Happy new year 2018 #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday and so once again I let you into the labyrinth of neurons that is my mind and share my thoughts with you. This will be the last time this year which was a difficult year. I had people troll my Facebook pages, others were simply obstructive and then there were the jealous ones who tried to undermine my confidence. I seem to have won through despite it all. So, happy new year 2018 and may it be a good one for us all.

Happy new year

Happy or miserable

If you put two people in a room they can either make each other happy or miserable. Conflict makes people miserable and it can spread across a whole community or even a whole country. We should all try to be tolerant and not give in to our primitive instinct to fight. Anger causes conflict.

On my mind

So what’s on my mind this week? The future of course! What goals should I have for 2018? I do have some plans but I don’t want people being obstructive this year and so I shall keep the details of my plan to myself. I will be exhibiting my photographs again. I have an idea to have one printed in CMYK colour as a test to see how it turns out. That will be a much cheaper way to create art than using a photographic art printer. I also intend to use my photography and social media skills to promote local businesses. I photographed two recently and that helped publicise Molly’s Attic and A Vintage Life on Facebook. I’ll improve my social media skills by using Twitter and Instagram more too. There must be an algorithm for Twitter similar to the one for Facebook. I need to understand that one too.

Fresh air

I have, going out to get some fresh air, on my mind this morning too. It’s warmer and so I think an afternoon out in the fresh air will do me good. My hip was painful with arthritis last night but it seems much better this morning. Looking after my health is definitely on my list of new year resolutions.  Conflict with my doctor has been resolved, he now accepts that the specialists at the hospital know best!

Leave behind the baggage

I have been annoyed and even angry this year and that can lead to baggage that will weigh us down. I won’t take any anger into 2018. I will, however, avoid some of the people who made me angry. Avoiding conflict can be a good strategy for a quiet productive life. I want the new year to be peaceful so I won’t be inviting conflict.

New Year

Yes, we have a new year and that should mean new goals in life. I will be doing much the same as this year. I will do writing, photography and art but I hope to take it all to a new level. I want to be much more professional about the things that I do. I’ve been analysing Facebook data to improve my social media skills and posting on Instagram and Twitter. My writing has improved with fewer mistakes! My photography has improved a lot this year and I can now do the settings on my camera without thinking too much about it. I’ll be using higher ISO levels this afternoon and measuring the light with my camera before I begin taking any shots. My composition has improved a lot this year so I’ll be looking for patterns, diagonal lines and structure to give my shots depth. I can now see photography as fine art, abstract or impressionist. I’ve overcome my reluctance to use higher ISO levels and I even include people in my shots now! I think I can start this new year with increased confidence and also with a desire to improve my skills much further in 2018.

The old year will fade into history but another goal in 2018 will be to curate my photos and videos more carefully for the future. I do intend to buy a couple more terabyte flash drives and apply a bit more self-disciple when it comes to curation.

That’s it, my final post of 2017. If you would like to follow my blog and receive emails when I post in the new year just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can always find links on my Facebook page too. I’ll end with some pictures…

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