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Having the right tools for the job #thrifty

If you have the right tools for the job it can make work much easier. That can mean buying tools for doing the garden, DIY or even cooking. I prefer to buy quality when it comes to buying tools but we can still look for value for money. My motor mower from Screwfix was expensive but it is self-propelled and I just follow it around the lawn. I am still worn out when I finish the lawn but it is a lot easier than a hover-mower. It was value for money for me.

right tools

Right tools

The Workzone tools from Aldi are good value as well. They have all sort of DIY tools from electric drills to paint brushes. The paint brushes are good quality and give a much better finish than cheap brushes. The right tools for the job makes it much easier.


You need the right tools for cooking too. I really like my Philips Air Fryer although I do need to get a new basket for it. It is easy to use and cooks chips in 10 minutes. It has added to my electric bills, though but overall my bills are lower. That could be because of other changes like a more economical boiler. The airfryer is very convenient and I can cook some peas and fry a couple of eggs on my gas cooker and I have an economical meal in 10 minutes.

Other tools that are useful are a microwave, a fridge is essential and a freezer can save you money as you can store more food. I have tinned foods in my food cupboard but mostly store food in my freezer. I can easily miss a week without shopping and live out of my food cupboard and freezer.


Even cleaning needs the right tools. I had a day of cleaning yesterday and cleaned tiles, work surfaces and even a window with a steam cleaner I bought from Aldi. It is worth investing in a powerful vacuum cleaner too. Mine got a bit too warm on full power yesterday and cut out so while it was cooling down I emptied it and cleaned the filter.It was far more powerful after that and cleaned much more efficiently and quickly.

If you watch professional window cleaners they use a squeegee blade and a scrim to quickly remove the grime from windows. You can get the squeegee blade from Screwfix and I got a scrim from Betterware. The right tools means cleaner windows and less work. The procraft blade would be useful when you clean the car too.

There are a variety of tools available these days for every kind of job. I even have a useful tool for finding my way home when I’m driving. A Sat Nav? Yes, I have a TomTom Satnav but yesterday I used an app on my phone. I also have a calendar to remind me of appointments and events. An app to help me run my Facebook page and an app for my bank account. My phone even connects to my car stereo and allows me to answer calls hand free or listen to the music stored on my phone. My smartphone is a computer to use wherever I go.

That’s all for this week. If you have spotted a bargain or have a money-saving tip please share it in the comments box or comment on my Facebook page. You can follow this blog either by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or just follow me on Twitter for updates.

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