Herd immunity and economic recovery. #financefriday

It would appear that those fans of “herd immunity” in government are now getting their way. The epidemic in the UK continues unchecked and we are expected to accept that 1,000 people a week is the price we have to pay for a return to economic normality. I think the economy would still have returned to normality if we had kept some restrictions like mask wearing and saved a few more lives not to mention reducing the strain on the NHS. The markets haven’t been impressed by the present strategy which is just letting thing take their course.


The markets were volatile this week reacting to the poetical indecision and uncertainty. The Bank of England hinted at higher interest rates which was interpreted as “guidance”, then on Thursday changed their “guidance” and banking stocks crashed down again. Political policy has all the hallmarks of Bozo Johnson’s bumbling. He was even reported as leaving COP 26 in a private jet. Not that all that Glasgow “blah, blah, blah” would make a bit of difference. The uncertainty continued this morning but about mid-morning traders decided things weren’t so bad after all and stocks started to climb. Then the more cautious traders starting selling this afternoon. The optimism across the market as a whole wasn’t too bad, though. My recent acquisition of Marston’s shares looked more positive as they gained over 1.5% by mid-afternoon. Pubs are likely to do more trade over Christmas and so brewers should recover.


My return  on eToro is up to 15.7%, from 11.6% earlier in the week. Metro Bank saw a good rise this week. My top holding is now AMD followed by Metro Bank and in third place Societe Generale. I now have 32 stocks at $50 each and one crypto! I decided to put $25 into XRP this week. My biggest loser is Easyjet at 32% down. I expect that one to fly eventually!

Rolls Royce

I checked out Rolls Royce to see when they paid dividends today. They apparently pay a dividends as a type of preference share or scrip dividend. I’m not sure when they will resume dividends but I would be happy to accept a scrip dividend. RR is up over 5% today so my investment was a good choice. Overall I’m about 30% up on that investment. ITV is over 3% up today but I’m down over 50% on ITV so it’s time they stopped paying their stars so much money and paid investors better dividends!


Overall I’m doing well with investments and look forward to the economy recovering fully in 2022. I will have to try to avoid not just covid but flu and the other viruses circulating this winter. I won’t be joining the crowds partying this Christmas so I should be fine. All my guests this Christmas should be vaccinated and I expect we will do lateral flow tests just to be on the safe side. I expect tens of thousands will die this winter from covid, flu and norovirus but we have the choice to accept the vaccines and protect ourselves.

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