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Heritage: a start in life.

Lock keeper's cottage at Park Hall Walsall.

We all inherit something from previous generations. We have recorded history, culture, historic buildings, music and art. Then there is a more personal heritage that we inherit from our closest family, that consists of values, beliefs and traditions. Some people seem to have a better start in life than others.

There are those that inherit property and wealth, these same people are often brought up in an atmosphere of privilege, they never experience the struggle that child poverty brings. They grow up with a sense of entitlement while others grow up with a sense of always having to struggle in a culture with so little, that you just take what you can get. There is no enrichment or fulfilment on a deprived council estate. No foreign holidays  or trips to the art gallery.  The music is whatever is on the radio or television today. These children don’t experience art or classical music, they often don’t experience decent books. Their only access to literature will be the school library or the public library with very limited choice. The schools are very important, they give these children access to books and information, but not always a decent meal or a balanced diet. They are still held back by their deprived start in life.

There is a lot of talk about equality, but how do you give people equality when all they have ever known is inequality and deprivation? Do we take from those who have experienced a rich heritage to give to those who have experienced a poor heritage? Maybe we can teach the ‘haves’ to play nice and share with the ‘have nots’? This would be the ideal solution, but the ‘haves’ of this world take what they have for granted and have a sense of entitlement.

Even the choice of television programme the two groups choose to watch is driven by heritage. While the gentry favours the more culturally enriching programmes from BBC 2, the poorer people want violent action films that mirror their struggles in life. That action hero who single handed takes on the bad guys and wins against all the odds is their role model. They will often use this example to violently try to change their situation. This is often where a crime spree begins, with a notion that they can be the like the action hero and win against the odds. They can be like Robin Hood and steal from the rich or take from those who are inferior because they are too gentrified, too weak or too old and disabled.

People start this race called life with no guidance, excess baggage and little knowledge of what lies ahead. All their experience is a fight for survival. Is it any wonder that they reject the society they are born into? Is it any wonder that they reject authority and reject conventional behaviour and values?

Can we change society and give all children a better start in life. Can we change and make society more equal and alleviate some of the inequality caused by small sections of society getting a rich start in life and a larger section of society getting a start in life marred by deprivation.

How do we equal things up? Education? Taxation? Social programmes? Money?

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