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Heritage weekend and nowhere to go #ramble

Yes, it’s heritage weekend and yesterday I went to the local art gallery and museum to listen to a talk by local historian Ian Bott on the mansions of the Black Country. Most of those are long gone or there are plans to turn them into flats like the Redhouse in Redhouse Park and Great Barr Hall. The art gallery and museum only opens a few hours three days a week. Meanwhile, in London, they get shed loads of money for the arts and heritage.


The vicar has just invited me to go to church. I would, but I’m not a morning person, that’s why I do my writing in a morning. Churches also make me very nervous; I do go and take photos there sometimes, though.

heritage weekend

This is the entrance to our art gallery and museum. The Victorians went to a lot of trouble and expense to give us a splendid building and it only opens a few hours a week. The Arts Council prefers London and just so people will go to London with its congestion and its gentrification they intend to spend 50 billion on HS2 so we plebs will go and marvel at their culture.

Wednesbury art gallery

This beautiful picture is in the art gallery. Recognise it? No, I doubt it, because the way it is displayed in the gallery makes it look dark and depressing. I used a special lens to take this photo.


Taxation across the UK is the same but public spending and the support for culture is concentrated in London and the big cities. Globalisation dominates the world while centralisation dominates the United Kingdom, that is far from united. Towns like the one I live in that were once wealthy contributors are now cultural backwaters.

Heritage weekend

The local council civic centre is a great example of centralisation. It’s miles from here and people travel there by motorway often getting delayed hours when there is an accident on the motorway. It is half the distance on the A and B roads, but they are congested because ‘traffic calming’ has forced extra traffic onto them from minor roads. The ‘choice’ of schools has also caused traffic chaos twice a day as parents drive their little darlings to the ‘best’ schools. Heritage weekend means the odd museum opening for a ‘special event’ which is often out of keeping with the building and the heritage.

Am I being over-critical of Heritage weekend organisation? Maybe those organising my local heritage weekend could check the details on the council website, it hasn’t been updated since 2015! I have found some details of events in other parts of the website, but it is badly maintained.

Bishop Asbury’s cottage is open for a few hours today and so I might actually go there because there is a nature reserve nearby. I do wish that we could have some cultural interest in the town all year around and not just on heritage weekend. I did find out that there is an event soon at the art gallery but that was only because I visited. There is a need for more publicity and that can be done for free via Facebook.

That’s my thoughts for this heritage weekend Sunday. The sun’s shining so I’ll definitely be going out somewhere. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more idea on my Facebook page.

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